Kosovsky Family
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Sylvia Sidney AKA Sophia Kosow, granddaughter of Moshe
Kosovsky (KOSOWSKI) of Grodno.
I am a great-granddaughter of Mordechai son of Israel KOSOVSKY (b. 1851
Kamenka, d. 1935) who lived in LUNNA, Belarus. Mordechai's older
also lived in Lunna and was named Moshe Kosovsky (KOSOWSKI). Moshe's
emigrated to the United States sometime at the beginning of the 20th
and they changed their family name to KOSOW. One son was named MOTEL
(presumably he Americanized his first name). I was told that Motel
Kosow was
among the founders of the First National Bank of Chicago. Another son
named VICTOR KOSOW. Victor is the father of the actress SYLVIA SIDNEY
passed away in 1999; Sylvia had a son named JACOB ADLER.
I am searching info about the descendants of Motel Kosow and of Victor
who reside(d) in the US.
Please reply privately.
Thanks in advance.
Ruth Marcus
Tel Aviv, Israel
Sylvia Sidney
Name: Sylvia Sidney
Birth: 8 Aug 1910
Death: 1 Jul 1999 - New York
Civil: California
Name: Sylvia Sidney
Home in 1930: Manhattan, New York, New York
Age: 19
Relation to Head of House: Daughter
Father's name: Sigmund married Beatrice at age 30
Mother's name: Beatrice married Sigmund at age 27
Occupation; Actress
Occupation of step father: Doctor ( D D)
Parents' birthplace:Russia
Household Members: Name Age
Sigmund Sidney 41 Birthplace: Romania
Beatrice Sidney 38
Sylvia Sidney 19

AKA Sophia Kosow
Career Highlights: An Early Frost, Dead End, Les Miserables
First Major Screen Credit: Street Scene (1931)
Born Sophia Kosow, an only child to Victor and Rebecca Kosow, a
Russian-born Jewish couple in The Bronx, New York, Sidney became an
actress at the age of 15 as a way of overcoming shyness, using her
stepfather's surname as her professional surname. As a student of the
Theater Guild's School for Acting, Sidney appeared in several of their
productions during the 1920s and earned praise from theater critics.
In 1926, she was seen by a Hollywood talent scout and made her first
film appearance later that year.

During the Depression, Sidney appeared in a string of films, often
playing the girlfriend or the sister of a gangster. She appeared
opposite such heavyweight screen idols as Joel McCrea, Fredric March
and Cary Grant. Among her films from this period were: An American
Tragedy and Street Scene (both 1931), Alfred Hitchcock's Sabotage and
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (both 1936), You Only Live Once and
Dead End (both 1937).

Her career diminished somewhat during the 1940s. In 1952, she played
the role of Fantine in Les Misérables, and her performance was widely
praised and allowed her opportunities to develop as a character
actress. She received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
nomination for her role in Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams (1973), and
she was visibly furious at losing to the 10-year-old Tatum O'Neal.

As an elderly woman she continued to play supporting roles, and was
identifiable by her husky voice, the result of a lifetime cigarette
smoking habit. She was the formidable Miss Coral in the film version
of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. She played Aidan Quinn's
grandmother in the television production of An Early Frost for which
she won a Golden Globe Award, and she also played key roles in
Beetlejuice (directed by longtime Sidney fan Tim Burton) and Used
People (which co-starred Jessica Tandy, Marcello Mastroianni, Marcia
Gay Harden, Kathy Bates and Shirley MacLaine).

Her swan song was in another film by Burton, Mars Attacks!, in which
she played a senile old lady whose Slim Whitman music stops an alien
invasion from Mars because that particular music makes the Martians'
heads explode.

, Sidney was an intense, vulnerable, waif-like leading lady with a
heart-shaped face, trembling lips, and sad eyes. The daughter of
Jewish immigrants from Russia, she made her professional acting debut
at age 16 in Washington after training at the Theater Guild School.
The following year she made her first New York appearance and quickly
began to land lead roles on Broadway. She debuted onscreen as a
witness in a courtroom drama, Through Different Eyes (1929). In 1931
she was signed by Paramount and moved to Hollywood. In almost all of
her roles she was typecast as a downtrodden, poor but proud girl of
the lower classes -- a Depression-era heroine. Although she
occasionally got parts that didn't conform to this type, her casting
was so consistent that she had tired of film work by the late '40s and
began devoting herself increasingly to the stage; she has since done a
great deal of theater work, mostly in stock and on the road. After
three more screen roles in the '50s, Sidney retired from the screen
altogether; seventeen years later she made one more film, Summer
Wishes, Winter Dreams (1973), for which she received a Best Supporting
Actress Oscar nomination, the first Oscar nomination of her career. In
1985 she portrayed a dying woman in the TV movie Finnigan, Begin
Again. Her first husband was publisher Bennett Cerf and her second was
actor Luther Adler.
She was married three times, including to actor and acting teacher
Luther Adler from 1938 until 1947, by whom she had her only child, a
son, Jacob, who predeceased her. Victor Kosow: divorced Sidney's
mother Rebecca Kosow c. 1920
remarried to a dentist who adopted Sidney.
Husband Luther Adler: married in 1938; divorced in 1946; father of
Sidney's son Jacob/Jody born in October 1945; died of Lou Gehrig's
disease in 1985
cousin Albert Sabin: developer of oral polio vaccine
husband Carlton Alsop: married in 1947; divorced in 1951
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Victor Kosow
City: Brooklyn
County: Kings
State: New York
Birthplace: Grodno, Russia
Birth Date: 4 Dec 1886
Race: White
Roll: 1754399
has one child
5'8'' with brown hair
World War II Draft Registration Cards
Name: Victor Kosow
City: Brooklyn
County: Kings
State: New York
Birthplace: Russia
Birth Date: 4 Dec 1886
Race: White
Roll: 1754399
DraftBoard: 52

Name: Victor Kosow
Estimated birth year: abt 1889
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Cherbourg, France 1922 became citizen in 1918
Ship Name: Aquitania
Name: Victor Kosow
Birth: 15 Dec 1886
Death: Jun 1970 - Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida, United States of America
Civil: New York

Name: Victor Kosow
Death Date: 29 Jun 1970
County of Death: Dade
State of Death: Florida
Age at Death: 81
Race: White
Birth Date: 1889

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Victor Kosow
City: Brooklyn
County: Kings
State: New York
Birthplace: Grodno, Russia
Birth Date: 4 Dec 1886
Race: White
Roll: 1754399
has one child
5'8'' with brown hair
Name: Victor Kosow
Estimated birth year: abt 1889
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Southampton, England
Ship Name: Berengaria
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Became a citizen May 20th, 1918 New York
Home 116 E. Broadway, New York


Date pub. April 5, 1936 Moyshe Kosovski, "father of Mr. Victor Kossow and grandfather of [Hollywood screen actress] Sylvia Sidney (Sidney is the name of her stepfather)..." (From a 'Forward' spread: "Our Fathers And Grandfathers.")


Chaya Shtraletsky with her future husband
Daniel Kosowsky in Yerushalayim about 1923


Older man: Grandfather of Chaya Straletsky who lived
in Eishyshok. (Interesting to note: He buttons "right
over left" according to Kabbala. Perhaps he had
connection to Chassidim?)


Liechter (candlesticks) of Chaya Kosowsky (various


Liechter (candlesticks) of Chaya Kosowsky (various


(boy with cow) Oved Kasovsky (in


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Chaim Kosovski in Petach Tikva 1910
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Kinereth and her husband


Jacob assow (nee Kopl Kosovsky)



Celia Tzila nee Cymer


Avreiml was known as Abe Kosow. He married Jeanette Saltzman and they had 5 children: Leo, Joseph, Jack and Daniel and Ann who resided with their families in Boston and its surrounding and are now all deceased. Abe died in 1972.
Sitting in front, left to right: Jeanette, Abe, and Jack
Standing in the back, left to right, Danny, Leo, Anne and Joseph



Leah (Weinstein) Kosowski, her younger brother Yitzchak Weinstein (he served in the Polish army) and Leah's children Ilka-Rachel and Israel


A picture of Sylvia Sidney and her father Victor Avigdoor Kosow nee Kosovski from 1915.



It was a great joy for me to recently discover your site,  http://www. eilatgordinlevitan.com/grodno/ grodno.html    All of my grandparents were either from Grodno or nearby and the wealth of information which you share is deeply appreciated.

Much to my surprise, I found a connection!  Photo #grd-49 Moyshe Kosovski is apparently my relative.  My mother always spoke of her cousin, Sylvia Sidney and how they played together as children... my mother played the violin and Sylvia would dance to her music.  My mother's maiden name was Estelle Singer..her father was William Singer (who left the pogroms of Grodno with his family, first emigrating to London and then years later to New York) and my Mother's mother, Regina Gussie Kaplan, was also from the region and emigrated to New York.  Frankly, there is still some confusion as to how my mother and Sylvia were related.. whether from the maternal side, the paternal side, or from Sylvia's stepfather's side.. I do not know, and would love to discover the answer.  Coincidentally,  my brother once lived across the street from her in Connecticut but was too modest to impose on her and introduce himself.

Additionally, I discovered an entry from Ruth Marcus regarding Sylvia on http://eilatgordinlevitan. com/kurenets/k_pages/kosovsky. html
Ms. Marcus provided a great deal of information on Sylvia, but what truly amazed me was the notation she made on Luther Adler being a cousin to Albert Sabin!!!    I was told that my paternal grandfather, Jacob Sabin (who passed before I was born) was an uncle to Albert via his father who was a brother to my grandfather.  Family photos of my grandfather bear a strong resemblance to Albert.  

I do hope that you can supply this information to Ruth Marcus, and any additional information that you might be able to with me would be treasured.

MY sincere and heart felt thanks for all the wonderful information you so generously share with us all.

Regina Sabin


Victor Avigdor Kosov with second wife 1927

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<< If you are so inclined, you might wish to continue searching the
EIDB for
those whose names were spelled beginning with "Ko" rather than "Ka".
likely will find many more individuals >>
1. ...zmul-Hersz Kosowski Kulazky, Poland 1921 61
2. Abram Kosowski Luki, Russia 1909 29
3. Abram Kosowski Minsk, Russia 1911 17
4. A. F. Kosowski 1921
5. Agnes Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 0
6. Alejanka Kosowski Fzby, Austria 1913 25
7. Aleksander Kosowski 1902 44
8. Alexandra Kosowski Komasowka 1899 18
9. Anna Kosowski Komasowka 1899 2
10. Anna Kosowski Wien, Austria 1912 39
11. Anton Kosowski Jarnowacz 1902 32
12. Anton Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 31
13. Antoni Kosowski Myslowitz 1903 30
14. Antoni Kosowski Jaknbowo, Russia 1910 29
15. Anyoni Kosowski Jarczewo, Russia 1910 20
16. Aron Kosowski Grodno 1903 34
17. Auguste Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 33
18. Benjamin Kosowski Biaystok, Russia 1911 19
19. Berko Kosowski Slonin, Russia 1910 27
20. Bincion Kosowski Goroduie 1904 16
21. Bruno Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 3
22. Catarina Kosowski Filschan 1903 9
23. Chaim Kosowski Bi...l...tok 1904 30
24. Chaim Kosowski Ostrolanka, Russia 1912 17
25. Chaim Kosowski Grodno, Poland 1920 17
26. Chaim Kosowski Boczki, Poland 1921 22
27. Chaje Kosowski Kletzk, Russia 1911 17
28. Chaje Sore Kosowski 1902
29. Cham Kosowski Minsk, Poland 1920 32
30. Chana Kosowski Warsaw, Poland 1921 40
31. Ciba Kosowski Bialystock, Poland 1920 18
32. David Kosowski Wisitok, Russia 1914 9
33. David Berg Kosowski Minsk, Poland 1920 0
34. Dmitro Kosowski Hrubica 1902 26
35. Edward Kosowski Piewa, Russia 1912 22
36. Elie Kosowski Grodno 1897 24
37. Emilia Kosowski Janowo 1905 17
38. Fanie Kosowski Czechanowce, Russia 1912 8
39. Fankel Kosowski Clwzenoy, Russia 1907 18
40. Fegel Kosowski 1892 18
41. Feige Kosowski Warsaw, Poland 1921 16
42. Feiwel Kosowski Grodno 1904 20
43. Felix Kosowski Rudkowo 1907 25
44. Floryan Kosowski Meutkow, Austria 1912 34
45. Francisek Kosowski Lubowicze 1906 38
46. Francisek Kosowski Rymanor, Austria 1909 19
47. Francisek Kosowski Babice, Austria 1912 19
48. Franciszek Kosowski Zsarki, Galizia 1913 35
49. Francz Kosowski Zarki, Austria 1913 28
50. Franz Kosowski Staszon 1903 21
51. Franz Kosowski Vaschelsk, Russia 1908 40
52. Franz Kosowski Babrek, Austria 1909 35
53. Franziszka Kosowski 1895 18
54. Gitel Kosowski Wisitok, Russia 1914 11
55. Henne Kosowski Kobrin 1898 20
56. Hirsch Kosowski Kobrin 1898 24
57. Hute Kosowski Czechanowce, Russia 1912 52
58. Isaak Kosowski Minsk, Poland 1920 5
59. Itzik Kosowski Muisk, Russia 1911 25
60. Jacob Kosowski Przecisgow 1904 33
61. Jacob Kosowski Tsby, Austria 1908 20
62. Jakob Kosowski 1895 29
63. Jakob Kosowski Osin, Russia 1913 29
64. Jan Kosowski Debowiec 1898 30
65. Jan Kosowski Komasowka 1899 35
66. Jan Kosowski Brzeziny 1900 24
67. Jan Kosowski Nowosielsky 1904 21
68. Jan Kosowski Trambolek, Galizia 1905 35
69. Jan Kosowski Spykowa, Austria 1907 29
70. Jan Kosowski Rudnisaki 1909 25
71. Jan Kosowski Spytkowice, Austria 1910 30
72. Jan Kosowski Zarki, Galizia 1913 24
73. Jan Kosowski Zarki, Austria 1913 36
74. Jankel Kosowski Minsk 1897 26
75. Johann Kosowski Izby, Galicia 1912 29

76. John Kosowski 1919 45
77. John Kosowski 1920 45
78. Josef Kosowski Filschan 1903 39
79. Josef Kosowski Targowo 1905 37
80. Josef Kosowski Bachowice, Galicia 1906 25
81. Josef Kosowski Spyshovic, Austria 1913 42
82. Jozef Kosowski Przeczysow, Galicia 1912 25
83. Karl Kosowski Wien, Austria 1912 38
84. Kosowski 1910
85. Kosowski 1910
86. Leiser Kosowski 1896 21
87. Leiser Kosowski Wilna 1905 29
88. Leizer Kosowski Czechanowce, Russia 1912 9
89. Leja Kosowski Kulazky, Poland 1921 59
90. Lelde Kosowski 1896 2
91. Ludowika Kosowski Komasowka 1899 20
92. Malke Kosowski Wisitok, Russia 1914 7
93. Marcin Kosowski Butan 1906 32
94. Maria Kosowski Wien, Austria 1912 17
95. Marie Kosowski Filschan 1903 8
96. Marie Kosowski Filschan 1903 31
97. Mascha Kosowski Bialystock, Poland 1920 20
98. Mathilde Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 8
99. Menachem Kosowski Warschau 1906 23
100. Mere Kosowski Bialystok, Russia 1912 25
76. John Kosowski 1919 45
77. John Kosowski 1920 45
78. Josef Kosowski Filschan 1903 39
79. Josef Kosowski Targowo 1905 37
80. Josef Kosowski Bachowice, Galicia 1906 25
81. Josef Kosowski Spyshovic, Austria 1913 42
82. Jozef Kosowski Przeczysow, Galicia 1912 25
83. Karl Kosowski Wien, Austria 1912 38
84. Kosowski 1910
85. Kosowski 1910
86. Leiser Kosowski 1896 21
87. Leiser Kosowski Wilna 1905 29
88. Leizer Kosowski Czechanowce, Russia 1912 9
89. Leja Kosowski Kulazky, Poland 1921 59
90. Lelde Kosowski 1896 2
91. Ludowika Kosowski Komasowka 1899 20
92. Malke Kosowski Wisitok, Russia 1914 7
93. Marcin Kosowski Butan 1906 32
94. Maria Kosowski Wien, Austria 1912 17
95. Marie Kosowski Filschan 1903 8
96. Marie Kosowski Filschan 1903 31
97. Mascha Kosowski Bialystock, Poland 1920 20
98. Mathilde Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 8
99. Menachem Kosowski Warschau 1906 23
100. Mere Kosowski Bialystok, Russia 1912 25
101. Meyer Kosowski Neusander, Austria 1912 25
102. Michal Kosowski Lublimic Nowy, Austria 1909 33
103. Michal Kosowski Galicia 1910 33
104. Michal Kosowski Dubszcze, Galicia 1910 35
105. Mikolaj Kosowski Szby, Austria 1912 19
106. Mikoly Kosowski Przydziluica, Galicia 1913 26
107. Mipe Kosowski 1893 23
108. Mirel Kosowski 1908 18
109. Moische Kosowski Slome 1904 32
110. Moizche Kosowski Kleck 1907 28
111. Mordeke Kosowski Skernineity, Russia 1913 19
112. Mordko Kosowski Marshin 1906 27
113. Morduch Kosowski Warsaw, Poland 1921 48
114. Mosza Kosowski B 1903 30
115. Naftali Kosowski Buenos Aires, Argentina 1922 24
116. Otto Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 10
117. Panier Kosowski Minsk, Poland 1920 7
118. Pawlo Kosowski Rosochowacice, Austria 1910 27
119. Pesza Kosowski Bialystock, Poland 1920 17
120. Piotr Kosowski Rndisek, Russia 1907 26
121. Piotr Kosowski Zagwody, Russia 1907 20
122. Piotr Kosowski Storzow, Russia 1913 16
123. Piotr Kosowski Barki, Austria 1913 18
124. Poliskasjo Kosowski Rostki, Russia 1912 30
125. Riwke Kosowski Lierchowitz, Russia 1913 18
126. Rochel Kosowski Warschau 1906 18
127. Ruchel Kosowski Kletzk, Russia 1911 50
128. Rysza Kosowski Kulazky, Poland 1921 24
129. Sch. Kosowski 1896 26
130. Schani Kosowski Minsk, Poland 1920 69
131. Schloma Kosowski Bialystoh, Russia 1914 19
132. Schlowa Kosowski Bialystok, Russia 1914 19
133. Schye Kosowski Stomin, Russia 1913 30
134. Schyfra Kosowski Minsk, Poland 1920 23
135. Selde Kosowski Czechanowce, Russia 1912 6
136. Simon Kosowski Czechanowce, Russia 1912 3
137. Sora Kosowski 1910
138. Sore Kosowski Swislowitz, Russia 1910 20
139. Stanislaus Kosowski Skalat 1902 33
140. Stanislaw Kosowski Smolec 1903 38
141. Stanislaw Kosowski 1908 9
142. Stanislaw Kosowski Alwernia, Galicy, Austria 1909 18
143. Stanislaw Kosowski Filipy, Russia 1910 18
144. Stanislaw Kosowski Salem, Mass., U.S.A. 1912 24
145. Stefan Kosowski Tzby 1902 16
146. Stefan Kosowski Wien, Austria 1912 14
147. Stephan Kosowski Bronowa, Russia 1907 20
148. Szprynca Kosowski Kamieniec, Poland 1921 18
149. Tadeus Kosowski Bonczanka, Galicia 1913 18
150. Teodor Kosowski Bilsk, Russia 1913 30
151. Teofil Kosowski Loman, Russia 1913 24
152. Tiotr Kosowski Westali, Russia 1910 20
153. Tomasz Kosowski 1907 29
154. Tornasz Kosowski Polumbica, Russia 1909 18
155. Vincenty Kosowski Deronin, Russia 1913 17
156. Wanrzyniec Kosowski Zarki 1903 27
157. Wawrzyaniec Kosowski Osabnica 1902 20
158. Wawrzyuile Kosowski Zarki, Austria 1913 32
159. Welwel Kosowski Kamieniec, Poland 1921 16
160. Wilktoria Kosowski Rudnisaki 1909 22
161. Wladyslaw Kosowski US 1909 31
162. Wladyslaw Kosowski Dlutowa, Russia 1912 35
163. Wladyslaw Kosowski Smarsowa, Galizia 1913 21
164. Wojciech Kosowski W. Pola 1901 40
165. Wojciech Kosowski Zagorze, Galicia 1913 34
166. Wojciech Kosowski Zarki, Austria 1913 43
167. Yacob Kosowski Kamienica 1904 34
168. Yakol Kosowski Kam..., Galicia 1913 42
169. Yudes Kosowski Warsaw, Poland 1921 20
170. Zelda Kosowski 1896 2
171. M. Kosowski 1896 30
1. Alexander ...osowski Filipen, Russia 1912 22 97%
2. Michal ...osowski Fagezsdorf, Russia 1909 26 97%
3. ...eib Kosowsky Slonin, Russia 1907 26 97%
4. Abraham Kosowsky Lengham, Poland 1920 17 97%
5. Abram Kosowsky Reczitza, Russia 1912 19 97%
6. Abram Kosowsky Mir, Russia 1910 18 97%
7. Abram Kosowsky 1906 3 97%
8. Alber Kosowsky Grodno 1898 23 97%
9. Aron Kosowsky Odessa 1907 48 97%
10. Aron Kosowsky Gorodeja 1903 21 97%
11. Awrum Kosowsky Brest Litowsk, Russia 1910 4 97%
12. Basse Kosowsky Solokowsha 1905 17 97%
13. Beile Kosowsky Oweko 1900 24 97%
14. Benjamin Kosowsky Slowini, Russia 1906 19 97%
15. Berel Kosowsky Reczitza, Russia 1912 0 97%
16. Berko Kosowsky Wiluv 1905 31 97%
17. Berl Kosowsky London 1902 27 97%
18. Bluma Kosowsky Leeds 1903 1 97%
19. Chaika Kosowsky Minsk, Russia 1912 3 97%
20. Chaim Kosowsky Minsk, Russia 1912 9 97%
21. Chaim Kosowsky Kossawo, Russia 1910 18 97%
22. Chaim Kosowsky Wilna, Wilna 1907 31 97%
23. Chaim Kosowsky Gardija 1901 21 97%
24. Chana-Basja Kosowsky Kletjk, Russia 1911 11 97%
25. David Kosowsky Yierclzes 1906 3 97%
26. Dowra Kosowsky Leeds 1903 6 97%
27. Dweire Kosowsky Solokowsha 1905 19 97%
28. Eisik Kosowsky Wilna 1904 29 97%
29. Elke Kosowsky 1893 40 97%
30. Elle Kosowsky Chomsk 1906 7 97%
31. Emil Kosowsky 1895 31 97%
32. Enoch Kosowsky London 1898 21 97%
33. Eva Kosowsky Bialystok, Russia 1908 18 97%
34. Feige Kosowsky Kiewer 1905 29 97%
35. Ferje Kosowsky Warscham, Russia 1912 16 97%
36. Gawviel Kosowsky Goroduie 1904 18 97%
37. Georg Kosowsky 1904 28 97%
38. Gittel Kosowsky Yierclzes 1906 28 97%
39. Gittel Kosowsky 1894 17 97%
40. Golda Kosowsky Leeds 1903 24 97%
41. Hersch Kosowsky London 1899 19 97%
42. Hersel Kosowsky Slowna 1906 19 97%
43. Hunsle Kosowsky Warscham, Russia 1912 20 97%
44. Itke Kosowsky Ros, Russia 1906 25 97%
45. Ivan Kosowsky Podnublis, Russia 1914 32 97%
46. Izchok Kosowsky 1893 10 97%
47. Jan Kosowsky Jankows 1898 32 97%
48. Jankel Kosowsky Jarzombeck, Russia 1907 18 97%
49. Jankel Kosowsky Bjelostok 1906 17 97%
50. Jankel Kosowsky Molczad 1905 24 97%
51. Jaube Kosowsky Solokowsha 1905 50 97%
52. Jelik Kosowsky Minsk, Russia 1912 10 97%
53. Joel Kosowsky Russia 1913 35 97%
54. Joh Kosowsky Seeny 1894 18 97%
55. Josef Kosowsky Wangrow, Russia 1909 40 97%
56. Josef Kosowsky Slonin, Russia 1907 21 97%
57. Josef Kosowsky Cheskowicra, Austria 1907 25 97%
58. Josef Kosowsky Kamieniec 1904 30 97%
59. Josef Kosowsky Sampolno 1902 42 97%
60. Josel Kosowsky Minsk 1900 40 97%
61. Joseph Kosowsky Leeds 1903 3 97%
62. Jossel Kosowsky Czechenown, Russia 1911 18 97%
63. Jossel Kosowsky Solokowsha 1905 21 97%
64. Jossel Kosowsky Grodno 1903 21 97%
65. Judel Kosowsky Minsk 1907 17 97%
66. Kalman Kosowsky London 1905 25 97%
67. Keile Kosowsky Minsk, Russia 1912 4 97%
68. Konstantin Kosowsky 1895 21 97%
69. Leiser Kosowsky Brabystock 1898 18 97%
70. Lejzer Kosowsky B. Aires, Argentine 1922 18 97%
71. Leori Kosowsky Bijalostok 1906 18 97%
72. Lora Riwka Kosowsky Minsk, Russia 1912 37 97%
73. Louis Kosowsky Hull 1904 28 97%
74. Ludvig Kosowsky Wilna, Russia 1906 25 97%
75. Maria Kosowsky Bijalostok 1906 41 97%
76. Meier Kosowsky Natesow, Russia 1911 6 97%
77. Mendel Kosowsky Minsk, Russia 1912 0 97%
78. Mendel Kosowsky 1896 20 97%
79. Moische Kosowsky Rowin 1904 17 97%
80. Moisey Kosowsky Minsk, Russia 1912 11 97%
81. Morche Kosowsky Natesow, Russia 1911 3 97%
82. Mosche Kosowsky Kosowo, Russia 1913 22 97%
83. Mosei Kosowsky Kledjek, Russia 1909 18 97%
84. Moses Kosowsky Bijalostok 1906 21 97%
85. Noach Kosowsky 1893 5 97%
86. Nochem Kosowsky Slowna 1906 24 97%
87. Nylgfor Kosowsky Rosochwajee 1907 23 97%
88. Perl Kosowsky Warscham, Russia 1912 48 97%
89. Pioter Kosowsky Glinky 1901 25 97%
90. Pisach Kosowsky Wilna 1903 28 97%
91. Raduniel Kosowsky Slorin, Russia 1912 17 97%
92. Rafal Kosowsky Warsow, Russia 1907 17 97%
93. Riwke Kosowsky 1893 6 97%
94. Rochel Kosowsky Ros, Russia 1906 0 97%
95. Rochlja Kosowsky Kletjk, Russia 1911 50 97%
96. Rosa Kosowsky Leeds, England 1907 19 97%
97. Ruchel Kosowsky Warscham, Russia 1912 8 97%
98. Sane Kosowsky Willno 1906 3 97%
99. Sara Kosowsky Kosiwe 1897 19 97%
100. Sarah Kosowsky Lengham, Poland 1920 40 97%
101. Schemdel Kosowsky Natesow, Russia 1911 30 97%
102. Schepsel Kosowsky Natesow, Russia 1911 8 97%
103. Schmuel Kosowsky Gorodey 1904 19 97%
104. Selde Kosowsky Bialostok 1905 3 97%
105. Selik Kosowsky Kletjk, Russia 1911 15 97%
106. Sieur Kosowsky Odessa 1907 18 97%
107. Slade Kosowsky Brest Litowsk, Russia 1910 32 97%
108. Sore Kosowsky Chomsk 1906 30 97%
109. Sruel Kosowsky Isvonowv, Russia 1911 38 97%
110. Stirel Kosowsky Willno 1906 24 97%
111. Sune Kosowsky Wasa, Russia 1906 28 97%
112. Tossel Kosowsky Kletjk, Russia 1911 55 97%
113. Uscher Kosowsky Czechanowse 1903 21 97%
114. Vincenty Kosowsky Wizgirdy, Russia 1907 38 97%
115. Wains Kosowsky ...sby, Austria 1907 19 97%
116. Walenty Kosowsky 1893 31 97%
117. Wolka Kosowsky Solokowsha 1905 53 97%
118. Yoil Kosowsky Piatek, Poland 1921 32 97%
1. Alexander Kosovski Maliszewo, Russia 1913 21
2. Baruch Kosovski Bialstok 1897 9
3. Elka Kosovski Bialstok 1897 11
4. Feivel Kosovski Bialstok 1897 18
5. Hryc Kosovski Pezedsieluica, Galicia 1912 17
6. Josef Kosovski Ekaatariund, Russia 1914 22
7. Reisl Kosovski Bialstok 1897 10
8. Riklia Kosovski Bialstok 1897 45
1. Anna Kosovsky Nagybilicz, Hungary 1912 35 97%
2. Isack Kosovsky Grodno 1905 16 97%
3. Jan Kosovsky Kasejovice 1904 19 97%
4. Shmaiah Kosovsky Jaffa, Palestine 1923 20 97%
5. Nikola Kossovski Winchina 1912 18 97%
1. Anna Kosovsky Nagybilicz, Hungary 1912 35 97%
2. Isack Kosovsky Grodno 1905 16 97%
3. Jan Kosovsky Kasejovice 1904 19 97%
4. Shmaiah Kosovsky Jaffa, Palestine 1923 20 97%
5. Nikola Kossovski Winchina 1912 18 97%
. Alex Kasofski Baltimore, Md. 1920 28 97%
2. Barnet Kasofski Kol...la 1905 27 97%
3. Josef Kasovsky Eperjes 1903 32 97%
.1. Eccolans Kasofsky Antwerp 1902 20 97%
2. Jan Kasofsky Glasgow 1905 30 97%
3. Josef Kasofsky London 1904 26 97%
4. Lazarus Kasofsky London 1906 28 97%
5. Leiser Kasofsky Minsk, Russia 1909 9 97%
6. Luis Kasofsky Minsk, Russia 1909 5 97%
7. Malke Kasofsky Minsk, Russia 1909 34 97%
8. Max Kasofsky Minsk, Russia 1909 7 97%
9. Sara Kasofsky Minsk, Russia 1909 3 97%
10. Sime Kasofsky Minsk, Russia 1909 11 97%
11. Gabor Kasovski Sajkasgyogy, Hungary

...My father Kopl Kossowski came from Dolhinow. My grandmother Liba
Kossowska and my aunt along with her two childen persihed in Dolhinow
in 1942. I am happy about the cemetary project. In the Dolhinow Book
the picture of my father is found on page 77. He is
in the bottom row of three people and is sitting on the right. the
third picture in Dolhinov "old scenes"
;http://eilatgordinlevitan.com/dolhinov/d_images/4_1114_big.gif If you
me your address
I can send you a long article on the intewar shtetl that I
wrote and that appeared in a book entitled THE JEWS OF POLAND BETWEEN
TWO WORLD WARS. There is a lot of material in that article on
shtetlekh in the Vilna region.
Sincerely, Sam Kassow

Liba KASOVSKY (d. 1942 in Holocaust in DOLHINOW [DOLGINOVO])

-- husband: Aharon-Dovid) KASOVSKY (d. 1918 while in Russian army)

-- After 1918, the widowed Liba received financial help from her
brothers Kopl, Hirshl, and Yosl in NEW HAVEN,CT,USA.



Samuel David (Shmuel-Dovid) (b. 1946, DP-camp, GERMANY)


Linda D. (Liba, Mrs Roger) ASTMANN (NORTH HAVEN,CT)

I have been searching jewishgen and scoured most of the internet, but still cannot say with certainty which “Kosovski” family I come from. My family does have a Moshe (actually Moshe Aharon) that was father to Nochum (aka Nokhum, etc.). Nochum was said to be born in Schuchin, Grodno (from my research), though married in Lita (per his marriage record). He was married to Meyta Sarah Kaplan. Notably Nochum also became sick before his 20s and was given the additional name of Chaim (Nochum Chaim) and often went by Chaim after that. I know that Nochum was a brick layer when he came to the U.S., which is what lead me to believe he may have been one of Moshe (movsha) Kosovski’s children. However, the one thing I know for certain is that our family are cohanim. And I have a mesora that we were the only cohen family in our town by the name of Kosovski (actually we were told we were the “only ones in Grodno...” but Grodno is large). Yet, I saw on a notice of Movsha Kosovski’s death (1937) that it does not indicate he is a Cohen (which would be traditional). This leads me to believe he was not a Cohen, and therefore I am not related through him. I am wondering if you have any other ideas or people you may have come across with a similar background.

Noah Kay
 There are two Kossowsky (sic) families descended from the Vilna Gaon:
1) Descended from part of the Donchin (Don Yechia) family which is descended
from the Gaon's daughter Peisa Bassia the wife of Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Donchin
of Dissna.
2) Descended from the Gaon's granddaughter Hinda, wife of Rabbi Yosef Cohen,
parents of Luba who married Yisrael Yonah Kossowsky of Bialystok
(1830-1903). They have many deescendants in the USA.

See details in my book "Eliyahu's Branches - The Descendants of the Vilna
Gaon and His Family"

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

 I wrote to you many years ago--
I am still searching for my mom's family of Kosovsky relatives and
family of the dayann of Drochitchen/Drohitchyn his name was
rabbi Yudel Dovid Kosovsky and his wife and mother, were possibly
Goldman girls--I don't know when he was born, but one of his sons was
born in 1840--I am from that line
    his oldest daughter Esther married rabbi Yossel/Yosef  Goldman
son of Tzemach/Tsemakh Goldman also possibly a rabbi [from the town of
Chomsk] Yosef  became a dayann in Drochitchen too
   one of yudel dovid's grandaughters chavey/chavay or eva leah
married  a rabbi  Meishavalla after marrying the Kosovsky girl, lived
in Drohitchyn kobryn yezd Grodner gobernia in Russia    DO YOU HAVE
       thanks--elaine biblin spiegel on behalf of
kosovske/kosovski/kosofsky/kossovksy/kosovsky family
               also searching for Biblin relatives--they come from
Grodno as far as i know
thank you
Elaine Biblin Spiegel

Dear Elaine,
First I like to correct some information. The town is Drogichin,
Kobrin uezd (district) , Grodno gubernia (region)
1887 Population; 838. Distance from Grodno;301 km. Distance from
district city (Kobrin);55 km
Chomsk/ Homsk is very near it 1887 Population;2090 Distance from
Grodno;301 km Distance from district city (Kobrin) 55km 52° 20'
lattitude 43° 23' longitude.

Drogicin is located in Belarus at 52° 11´ lattitude and 25° 09´
longitude. It is 155 miles (250 KM) SW of Minsk.On a good detailed map
of the region one can find it on the road between Brest and Pinsk,
about 70 km west of Pinsk. It was located in the Grodno Gubernia. .
The entire Yizkor book (Published in Chicago, 1958 )
could be found online in English
you could read about rabbi Yossel/Yosef  Goldman
son of Tzemach/Tsemakh Goldman ;

I am pasting some about your family here;
(Rabbi Yossel, the Dayan [Rabbinical Judge])

by his grandson; Rabbi Yehuda David Goldman (Chicago)

     ....        My grandfather, R. Yossel, was one of the first
students in the newly established Mir Yeshiva, and was known as the
Genius of Khomsk. When he got older he became the son-in-law of R.
Yudel David Kosovsky of Drohitchin, who I am actually named after, and
who was the rabbinical judge of Drohitchin and one of the leaders of
the community.
When the great scholar and rabbi of Drohitchin, Rabbi Zvi Eliyahu,
died, two camps developed in town. One group wanted Rabbi Zvi
Eliyahu's son, R. Menachem Reichman, to become the rabbi in town. The
other group wanted my grandfather, R. Yossel, to occupy that position.
After a rabbinical court case, and the judges ruled in favor of R.
Menachem, who became the rabbi of Drohitchin......
Also in the book; Chava Leah Skolnick, wife of R. Moshe Velvel, was
born in approximately 1864 on the Zasinov estate near Bereza. Her
father, R. Aharon Kosovsky, was the estate broker. Besides her
domestic tasks, he found the time to help others as well. She would
frequently go door-to-door to collect money for charitable causes,
help out widows and orphans, and take interest in the plight of the
poor. In the United States she continued this work. Chava Leah passed
away on 6 Nisan [March 24], 1931 in Chicago.


       Shlomo Zelig Goldman, a son of Shimshon and Henya Chaya
Goldman, was born on June 30, 1896 in Drohitchin, and studied in the
yeshiva of Rabbi Mordechai Minkovich. At the same time he studied
general studies, Hebrew and Russian privately.

       After he married Rachel Goldman, a daughter of R. Eliyahu
Goldman of Brisk (a sister of Rabbi Yehuda David Goldman of Chicago),
R. Shlomo Zelig opened a haberdashery and confectionary in Drohitchin.
At the same time he was active in community affairs, serving for many
years as a member of the local municipality. He served as a director
of the Folks Bank; director of the charity fund; vice-chairman of the
Jewish community council; treasurer and director of the firefighter's
association; president of the General Zionist Organization; president
of the Tarbut School, president of the Keren Hayesod, and member of
the Jewish National Fund.

       In June 1941, Shlomo Zelig and his wife were sent to Siberia
(Upper Berezovka, Altaic District) by the Soviet regime, and they
worked in the forest. Following the Soviet-Polish (Shikorsky)
Agreement, they were released from Siberia and worked in Sarakino,
Russia as senior accountants.

       When they returned to Poland in April 1946, Shlomo Zelig
worked in Waldburg (Wolbzhich) as secretary of the Zionist
Organization Ichud [Unity] and Breicha (an organization involved in
helping Jews leave Poland).

       In August 1946 he was smuggled into Munich, Germany, and from
there, through refugee camps to Leifheim, near Olm. In the beginning
he was employed in Leifheim as the director of the historical
commission involved in collecting material pertaining to German
cruelty and murder. Thereafter he was elected to the camp
administration and worked there as senior accountant. Shlomo Zelig was
also the chairman of the General Zionist Organization, Jewish National
Fund Commission and representative of the Jewish Agency.

       In April 1948, the Goldmans left Leifheim for Bergen-Belsen,
where they obtained a certificate from the British occupation
authorities, and reached the shores of Israel via Marseilles in June,
1948. The settled in Kiryat Motzkin.

       Shlomo Zelig was the co-founder and chairman of the Drohitchin
Association in Israel, as well as first treasurer of the large
synagogue in Kiryat Motzkin
Table of Contents of Drohitchin Yizkor Book
My father, my self: A son's memoir of his father, Rabbi Yehudah D.
Goldman, America's oldest practicing rabbi (Doris Minsky Memorial Fund
publication) (Unknown Binding)
by Alex J Goldman (Author)


Rabbi Emeritus Alex J. Goldman, z"l
Rabbi Goldman was Beth El's spiritual leader from 1966 to 1992 and
passed away in late 2004.  One of his greatest contributions to the
synagogue is the Rabbi Alex Goldman Heritage Museum, a magnificent
collection of Judaica found in our sanctuary lobby.  And our beautiful
sanctuary itself, with its walk-in ark and unique windows, remains as
a tribute to his leadership and vision.

The son of one of America's most respected rabbinic leaders, Rabbi
Yehuda D. Goldman, he was ordained at the Hebrew Theological College
of Chicago and served Hillel foundations and congregations in
Tallahassee, Florida, and Philadelphia before coming to Stamford.  He
has published twelve books, including a novel, and his latest
children's book, "I Am A Holocaust Torah," will be published by Gefen
Publishers, Israel.

Rabbi Goldman held advanced degrees in law and marriage counseling and
was president of the Hew Family Service.  He was married to Edith,
father to Robert and Pam, and grandfather of two.
Thank you so much,

Elaine Biblin Spiegel El529@aol.com wrote....towns; Slonim/Motele/Khomsk/Drochiczyn/Osha ( Molodechno and Kosovo) Families; Kosovsky/Shkolnik/Chemerinsky/Goldman....
Not just becasue I am a tay-sachs carrier, a trait from pale families that intermarry, but I think my Kosovsky family had alot of cousin intermarriages back and forth no matter what towns the cousins lived in--many persons I contact seem to have a Goldman/ Kosovsky /Chemerinsky connection
growing up in chicago, my mom, born in 1906, thought her surname of Kosovsky [our grandfather changed it to Kosovske, his brother spelled it Kosovski] to be an odd name, but I have found out that in Europe it was as common as "Johnson" and can be spelled over 30 phonetic ways--
actually a New York researcher named Bob Kosovsky has about 22 different phonetic spellings on his data base and he has contacted many different Kosovsky families with the varient spellings-- have you ever contacted him?
....then in addition to translators at entry ports, different countires have diffferent spellings for it--even with ska endings for a girl and sko endings for a boy and j next to a y and i next to a y; I once found a Russian professor whose surname had a kiy ending for the name kossovskiy--
I have a Maysha Itzock and a Moishavella* Kosovsky on my tree as well as a Yomi but I do not think these translate to Teddy--tho Meishavela* might it means Moshe wolf and it has lots of phonetic spellings* these guys are from a group of 4-5 brothers whom I have no information about
i don't have a teddy kosovsky on my tree but i might have such a relative--there are 4-5 branches of kosovsky /kosofsky on my tree that were never completed as rabbi Y.D goldman who was my main source of information for my tree never gave me all the information I needed--there were 4-5 brothers who went to New York in the late 1880's--Teddy could be from one of those 4 families
I think I once saw a Teddy Kosofsky on SSI social security death index
my great great great grandfather was Yeudel Dovid [Yehuda Dovid] Kosovsky was born before 1800 and was a rabbi dayann [jewish judge] in the town of Drochitchen/ Drohiczyn/ Drachichyn/ Drogichin/r Drochichyn--the town was originally called Davechyonovichi or Dovecherovichny until 1655
he had at least 9 kids
my great great grandfather Eliezer Sholo'mo was one of rabbi YD Kosovsky's sons, the other were: the oldest daughter Esther, rabbi Ahron, Yisroel Kosofsky, 2nd born child Matshi Itzock, and the 4-5 brothers for whom I have no tree are: the 8th born child Alec/Elijah, the 6th born child Yomi who took the surname of "Kay" in america, Hirsch Leib Kosofsky, Meisha Velvel kosofsky, I do not know why some were Kosovsky and others Kosofsky, and I don't know if there was a sister Pesil
Eliezer Sholo'mo was the father of rabbi Aaron Kosovsky who was my great grandfather.
Aaron and his son [ my great uncle] Sam, came to America around 1903? tho other records give later date , so Sam would not get drafted into the czar's army--they left my great grandmother Rachel Leah Peshkowsky Kosovsky behind with daughter Pesil- because -they were really on the run from the czar's army
Aaron had other children but Meyer age 17 drowned while swiming in the bug river, and two twin sisters had died in infancy; his other son, my grandfather Yehuda Laeb "Leon" Kosovsky lived in odessa where he worked in a factory as there were no jobs in his town--Leon was named after his mom's dad Yehuda leib Peshkowsky--in 1906, Leon, his mother Racquel Leah, his wife Manya and their baby Sema left Odessa for America--Sema/Simone was my mother, Celia Kosovske Biblin
my great grandfather Aaron/Ahron Kosovsky had an uncle also named Aaron/Ahron Kosovsky [they were both rabbis] he was one of the nine mentioned above
the great great uncle Aaron Kosovsky and his wife Kayle/Kalith had a daughter named Chaia or Chavay who was born on the Zasihnov estate in Bereyu which is in Osha a town outside of Minsk and Pinsk
Chavay Kosovsky married rabbi MeishaVella/Mosche Zev/Morris Wolf Shkolnik,1860-1941 [son of rabbi Chaim (yeshiva?) shkolnik from the town of Slonim/ Kossova
after Chavay died in 1931, this rabbi Shkolnik remarried and his 2nd wife was named Dora
one of chavay's sons was Sam Shkolnik [1909-1996] he and his wife Muirel 'Bess' [Goldstein] were the parents of 2 children--one of these children was Selwyn/Sel
and on eilat's website [her e-mail address is listed in the address posting of this e-mail] Chavay's decendant's posted pictures and information about their tree--this genealogy was done mostly by Dee/Delores who is still alive and is the wife of the late dentist dr Selwyn/Sel shkolnik--bob kosovsky might have an e-mail for Dee as she contacted him concerning his kosovsky research
esther kosovsky married rabbi Yossel/Yosef goldman [son of rabbi tzmach and his wife nisha chana from the town of khomsk/chomsk--but they also lived in brest] one of their sons Mushe Zev is Steve's great great grandfather who lived in New York, another son was rabbi Elijah/Eliyahu who married Chia Lipshif [from Brisk] and one of their sons was rabbi Yeduel Dovid Goldman who married [his own 1st cousin] Sarah Esther daughter of rabbi Mordechi Zindel/Zundel Rubenstein from the town of Molodechno near Vilna --the Goldman tree is confusing because they have alot of cousin intermarriages
apparently Sarah Esther's mother was a Goldman and her father a Rubenstein--her mom must have been a sister to rabbi Tzmach Goldman or a sister to his wife Nisha Chana
I was told that my great great grandfather Eliezer Sholomo's wife Razael was also from the Goldman family and that her mom Chi Cyril may have been a Goldman as well
plus i know nothing about the wife and mother of rabbi YD Kosovsky--perhaps they were Goldmans too
rabbi Y.D. Goldman had 3 sons, and 1 daughter named Eileen
Eileen is the mother of Kinereth,Donnie, Miriam, and Naomi
 Kosowski family

The origin of the Kosowski (also spelled as: Kosowsky, Kosovsky) family in the Grodno district is unknown at present. The first identified ancestor of our family is Israel-Chazkel Kosowski who was born around 1825 and had lived in Kamenka/Kamionka, located 19.9 kilometers NE of Lunna. Israel and his wife (Malka?) had three sons born in Kamionka: Moshe (b. 1847), Mordechai (b. 1851) and Aaron (b. 1853). Sometime between 1865 and 1875 Israel's three sons moved to Lunna
For the rest of the information and pictures go to http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/lunna/Kosowski.html

 The origin of the Kosowski (also spelled as: Kosowsky, Kosovsky)
family in the Grodno district is unknown at present. The first
identified ancestor of our family is Israel-Chazkel Kosowski who was
born around 1825 and had lived in Kamenka/Kamionka, located 19.9
kilometers NE of Lunna. Israel and his wife (Malka?) had three sons
born in Kamionka: Moshe (b. 1847), Mordechai (b. 1851) and Aaron (b.
1853). Sometime between 1865 and 1875 Israel's three sons moved to
For the rest of the information and pictures go to
Also go to:


I am having a difficult time with the link to the Tarbut school
picture. I'll write more later,

 My great-grandparents, Meyer (Me'ir) Ehrlich and Fannie (Feige) Kosowsky Ehrlich also are buried in the Drohitchener cemetery at Jewish Waldheim, as are Fannie's brother and sister-in-law, Yankel (Avraham Ya'akov) Kosowsky and Rose (Rokhel Leah) Gutow Kosowsky.

Yankel and Fannie were the children of Maishe Mordkhe and Khana Kosowsky. Both Yankel and Fannie supposedly were born in Drohitchen, Yankel in 1863 and Fannie in 1876. Yankel and Fannie and their spouses emigrated to the United States. Yankel lived in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where he was in the junk business. He died in Milwaukee in 1950, while living in the Hebrew Home for the Aged. Yankel and his wife Rose had two sons, Max (Ze'ev Menakhem) Kosowsky and Sam (Khaim) Kasow. Both were born in Drohitchen, Max in 1987 and Sam in 1891. Max lived in LaCrosse, where he died in 1945. Sam lived in Chicago, but died in Los Angeles in 1976. One of Max's daughters was Anne (Khana) Kosowsky Teichman (Mrs. Meyer "Mike" Teichman) (1909-73), who resided in Chicago.

Fannie lived first in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and then in Lansing, Iowa (Lansing is located 40 miles south of LaCrosse on the Mississippi River). Fannie was in the wholesale fish business with her husband. She died in 1942 in Madison, Wiscounsin, at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. Fannie and Meyer Ehrlich had seven children, Nathan "Nate" (Noson Nateh) Ehrlich (1892-1986), Dorothy (Khaya Rpkhel) Ehrlich (1895-1975), Rose "Bobbee" (Nekha Raikhel) Ehrlich (1898-1975), Miriam (Nekhama) Ehrlich (1899-1978), Jacob "Jack" (Yitzkhak Zelig) Ehrlich (1903-69), Simon "Cy" (Shamai) Ehrlich (1905-49), and Esther Ehrlich (1907-11). The four eldest children were born in Drohitchen, the others in the United States. All died in the United States, At one time Dorothy was married to Dr. Harry E. Denen, a dentist in Chicago, whose sister was Mrs. Eve Bernfield, also of Chicago. For a time in the 1930's, 40's, and 50's, Miriam owned a men's tie shop (on Randolph Street, I recollect) in downtown Chicago. Cy was married to the former Hester Harris of Chicago. Except as otherwise noted the Ehrlich children all lived and died in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Yankel and Fannie had one sister of whom I am aware. Her name was Rymka (Rivka) Kosowsky Szteinberg, Rymka was born in Drohitchen in 1883. She was married to Szmerko Szteinberg. They lived in Kobrin. Rymka was killed about 1943 during the Holocaust, supposedly in Drohitchen. Rymka had five children: Chaja (b. 1915), Anele (b. 1916), Abram (b. 1917), Mowsza (b. 1918), and Bejta (b. 1924). All except Anele died during the Holocaust. Anele was sent to Palestine in the 1930's, where she married Raphael Barouch. They had one daughter, Haya. Anele died in 2000 in Jerusalem.

I suspect that Yankel, Fannie, and Rymka had one or more siblings in or near Chicago, possibly sisters, but I never have been able to identify them. Myer Ehrlick also may have had siblings in or near Chicago, but, again, never have been able to identify them.

Drohitchen was a small enough place to make it unlikely that it had unrelated Kosowsky families (in other words, it is likely that all of the Kosowsky families in Drohitchen were related to one another). I have a copy of your family tree (it was given to me by Dee Shkolnik), but I never have been able to figure out how my great-great grandparents, Maishe Mordkhe and Khana Kosowsky fit into it (assuming they should).

One other interesting matter: It is said that my Kosowsky family was related to the Weisman family from Drohitchen, many of whom lived in Chicago. (One of the daughters from the Weisman family, Hannah, was married into the Gratch family, aslo from Drohitchen and Chicago.) Supposedly, five women in the Weisman family were named for my great-great-grandmother, Khana Kosowsky, which makes me suspect that her maiden name may have been Weisman.

Perhaps something from the foregoing will sound vaguely familiar to you. I have photographs, if anything clicks.

Mike Posnick