Kopilovitz Family
also Kopeliowitch, Kaplowitz, Katzowitz, Koplewitz
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Israel Kapelowitz (b. 1861 Dolhinov
d. 1928) with his second wife-name unknown-who was not the mother of his children. His first wife was something like Gertrude (Gittel) Leah Kunkin b. 1862 Minsk? d. 1893.They never emigrated

My Great-Grandfather was Israel Kapelowitz b. 1861 Dolginovo d. 1928 don't know where he died - no indication he emigrated. He married Leah Gittel from Minsk.

One of his sons, my Grandfather, was Josef Kapelowitz (Joseph Kaplan) b. 1886 Vilna d. 1980 New York >> Emigrated 5/31/1910 Two years later his wife, Ida Barkan (from Kaidonow?) and their first two children emigrated.The children were both born in Dolginovo: Schaje Kapelowitz (Seymor) b.1908 d. in New York. Gittel Kapelowitz (Lillian) b. 1909 d. in Colorado. According to my Aunt Lillian the family that stayed behind were all buried alive in mass graves. We are, naturally, very fortunate that my grandfather Joseph and all his brothers and sisters came to the US. There are now many decedents to the line (including myself!).

Judy Paris (my father was Louis Kaplan Carlan - son of Joseph - he was
born in the US)

Credit: Israels' great Granddaughter; JUDITH PARIS

Kaplan Family Circle


Family Circle


Israel & Kapelowitz


Joseph & Ida Kaplan



Kaplowitz, Ralph born in New York in 1919

One of the greatest Jewish players in the history of basketball, Kaplowitz played in the NBA's inaugural contest when the league began in 1946. Ralph was the younger brother of Long Island University’s All-America, Dan Kaplowitz. A collegian at New York University, Ralph was an All-America his first varsity season, and was then named captain of the NYU basketball team for the 1941-42 campaign. Prior to that season, Kaplowitz served in the U.S. Army. During the war, he led the Chanute Field team that went undefeated in a league of service teams. Discharged in 1946, Ralph returned to NYU and graduated with a degree in education. Kaplowitz then played professionally in the American Basketball League before joining the New York Knicks in 1946 -- the year the Basketball Association of America, which became the NBA, was formed. Ralph played

in the league's first-ever game in November, 1946, won by the Knicks, 68-66. Later that season, he moved to the Philadelphia Warriors and was a member of the club when they captured the league's first Championship.

Daniel Kaplowitz born in New York April 7, 1917 - died; Dec. 25, 1991Kaplowitz was named All-America and led Long Island University to the National Championship in 1939. His brother was former New York University and NBA star Ralph Kaplowitz.Career Highlights:
A guard and forward at LIU in the late 1930s , Kaplowitz was considered one of the country's best players and was a member of some excellent Blackbird teams. In 1937, he and fellow sophomores, Irv Torgoff and John Bromberg joined seniors Jules Bender, Ben Kramer, and Leo Merson on the LIU varsity team. The Blackbirds enjoyed an undefeated 1936 season (26-0); and in 1937 was considered one of the top teams in the country, running
their unbeaten streak to 43-games before losing to Stanford early in the season. Finishing the year with a record of 28-3, the Blackbirds claimed the mythical New York Metropolitan championships (as did Fordham, who had a 13-3 record). Kaplowitz scored 91 points (seventh on the team) that season while appearing in 26 games as one of the first players off the LIU bench.In 1938, Kaplowitz stepped into the starting line-up and developed into a star for the high-scoring LIU attack for the rest go to;



Zalman Kopilovitz


Aharon Kopilovitz



from left Zalman Kopilovitz, his mother Elka on the right Nechama Belhaus


Elka Kopilovitzk



Zalman with his younger siblings.


Aharon Kopilovitz



Atara (Kreina) Kopilevich Kopelowitz


Israel Leib Kopelowitz (grandfather of Yizhak Ben Zvi)

Tamara Komkow Katzowitz

Woodstock , New York 12498


I am Tamara Katzowitz and I married David Katzowitz in 1975.

David Katzowitz did live in the Bronx but is now living in Woodstock , New York 12498

Some Katzowitz genealogy facts :  David, Rose, Bess and Dorothy—Mother Fannie Kaplov/witz  and Father Harry Katzowitz

David was born 2/28/1915 in New York   (wife Tamara) daughter Alexis, sons Adam and Andrew .  All three children currently reside in New York City .

Sister, Rose Katzowitz Patsiner  (formerly  from Bronx)resides in Ft. Lauderdale , Florida ---(husband deceased Bernard) Rose Has son Leonard wife Dianne and two sons  David and Mark Sister, Bess Katzowitz Brenker (formerly from Queens ) resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ----(husband deceased Sol) Bess had daughters Francine, and Jacqueline both daughters are deceased) Francine left 2 daughters Jennifer and Kelly Teitler (Huband Eric Teitler) Jacqueline left behind daughter Felicia and son Seth Elias (Husband Marvin Elias) reside in Florida son Howard (a doctor in Florida) married and has three children

Sister, Dorothy Katzowiitz (formerly from Bronx ) currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale , Florida ----unmarried

I know that we have burial plots and thought that you might update records.

Thank you-


From: S. Viswakumar <umikatz@yahoo.com>

I am an Indian Postal Historian and a member of Civil censor study group based in UK and USA.. I recently purchased a censored cover sent by Dr. Samuel Kapeliowitch , Care of Superindentant of police, Simla , British India to Dr.J.Kopeliowitch C/o Palestine Electric Corp on 7Th July , 1940.

What is unusual to me as a postal Historian , this cover went to New Delhi for censorship which is a rare occurrence as seen by the censor marks. Normally in this period , such letters from Simala were to be censored either in Simla or Karachi as this was an airmail letter. Only something very important , was sent to Chief censor.

So my question is who were these Kapeliowitches ? What was one of them doing in India during the war time?

I would be very glad if any of the members can tell about them ?

Regards and best wishes

S.Viswa Kumar

From: lkcomposer <lkcomposer@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 8:34 PM
Subject: Vileyka - Koplewitz
To: egl.comments@gmail.com

Greetings, my family is from Romania (Yasi / Yassy? ) and may also
have roots in Vileyka... my father is Martin Koplewitz, his father was
Herman (Hymie) Koplewitz.  I am Laura Koplewitz. I am a
professor in the USA. I believe my grandparents came over
to the USA from Romania and/ or Poland in the 1880s and 1890s.

I wonder if there are other Koplewitz family members who may
wish to be in contact to explore roots.

All best,

(Prof. ) Laura Koplewitz