Harkavy Family
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Albert (Avraham) Harkavy


Alexander Harkavy (seated, center), a representative of the
American organization HIAS during a visit to Europe, posing at a table with representatives of various community groups.1920.


Dvora Romm (nee Harkavy) "The Widow" (c.1831 - 1903)


Fruma Ethel Harkavy Buniewicka, who was knows as Eta.
She was the daughter of Judel-Lejba Harkavy.


Alexander Harkavy (top fourth from right)
Russo-Jewish family. It originated, according to a tradition current in the family, with Mordecai Jaffe, author of the "Lebushim." The immediate ancestor was Joseph of Turetz (d. 1778), Turetz being a town near Nowogrudok, in the province of Minsk. The first member of the family to assume the name "Harkavy" was Gershon of Nowogrudok (d. 1824), son of Joseph of Turetz.


Vladimir Ze'ev Wolf Harkavy


R' Moshe-Shlomo Harkavy (1805 - 1876)


Alexander Ziskind Harkavy



Menachem Man Gavriel Romm (1842- 1910)
Son of Josef Reuven Romm


Gita Harkavy Birth; 1840
Daughter of R' Yosef Bezalel Harkavy and Tzerna-Ita Strashun
Wife of Menachem Man Gavriel Romm
Mother of Dr. Rowan (Rubin) Romm; David Romm; Masha Romm Bloch; Jacob
Romm; Sonia (Sofiya) Romm, Eliyahu Romm; Alexander Romm and Chana
Sister of Dvora Harkavy Romm; Rachel (Rashil) Harkavy Konigsberg;
(Vladimir) Zeev Wolf Harkavy; Chana Harkavy Goldovsky; Eliyahu Yehuda
Harkavy and 2 others
Half sister of Badana Gorewitz



I came across your website while researching my genealogy. My grandmother was Rebecca Harkavy. She was born in Novardok.
I have a number of pictures that you'd probably find interesting. 
I'm attaching a picture of my grandmother in front of a grave.
I'm trying to figure out how she's related to the person who died December 17, 1917, according to the gravestone.

Yehuda Rapoport
Seattle, WA

Harkabi, Avraham Eliyahu
Researcher & writer

Student of Rabbi Eliezer Isak Fried and Hanaziv. Born in 5600 Heshvan
22nd (30.10.1839), in Novogrudok (Minsk region). He made important
researches in Israel ancient literature. He was educated in Volozhin.
Among his books he wrote: "Memories to the first and to the last ones"
and "The Jews and the Slavic languages". Died in 5679 Adar 2nd
(15.3.1919) in Petersburg.

Well known historian, Oriental studies expert, Avraham (Albert)
Yakovlevich Harkavy was born in 1835 in Novogrudok (in Belarussian -
Navagrudak). He studied rabbinical literature in Ivna, Navagrudak and
in the great Volozhin (in Belarussian - Valozhin) Yeshiva. In 1858
Harkavy received a general education in the rabbinic school. Five
years later he entered the Oriental faculty of the St-Petersburg
University. In 1868 Harkavy left Russia. He was in Paris and Berlin.
In the autumn of 1870, he returned to Russia and received a chair of
the Oriental history in the St-Petersburg University. In 1872 Avraham
Harkavy - doctor of the Oriental history. Later, he was dismissed from
the University because of his Jewish nationality. Since 1877 Harkavy
was a head of Jewish and Oriental manuscripts department in the
Imperial Public library.
Avraham Harkavy published since 1861 (in magazines "Hakarmel",
"Hamelitz" and "Rassvet"). In 1864 "Hakarmel" began to publish his
"Issledovaniya po istorii evreev v Rossii" ("The researches in the
history of Russian Jewry"). Avraham Harkavy is the author of 400
scientific works.
The main topics of Harkavy interest were - the history of khazars,
polish, Lithuanian and Russian Jewry, karaims and so on. Avraham
Harkavy was a member of the Russian Geographical, St-Petersburg
philological, Moscow anthropological, Odessa historical and
archeological societies, of many French and German scientific
societies, a correspondent of Madrid Academy of Science. He was famous
member of the " Society for the spreading of education between Russian
Jewry". Also, he was one of the authors and editors of the "Jewish
encyclopaedia" (St-Petersburg, 1909-13).
Avraham Harkavy played a great role in St-Petersburg Jewish community.
He was a scientific starosta (old man) of the synagogue. In honor of
Avraham Harkavy in synagogue was created a fund of pensions for the
Community members. Also, Harkavy created a fund for the help to
teachers of "St-Petersurg society for the spreading of education
between Russian Jewry).
Alexander Harkavy
Famous writer and philologist Alexander Harkavy was born in 1863 in
Navagrudak. Early, he stayed an orphan. Alexander brought up in the
family of his poor relatives. He received a religious education.
Alexander Harkavy preferred a self-education (especially - languages).
He liked literature very much. When Alexander Harkavy was 13-14 years
old, he wrote his first poems in Hebrew and published a manuscript
Since 1878 He worked in Romm brothers printers in Vilna. Harkavy used
his free-time for the self-education. His first literary experiment in
Yiddish were "Al Naharoth Babel" and humorous sketch "Kontorske
Szenes" (1882). Later he taught Yiddish in Belostok (in Belarussian -
After the pogroms (1881, 1882) Harkavy decided to leave Russia. His
went to the USA. Alexander Harkavy describe his journey and life
(first time he worked as unskilled worker) in the USA described in his
memoirs (published in "Haleom", 1903, IV-XII).
Harkavy, Harkavi (Гаркави, הרכבי) is the Russo-Jewish
family. It
originated, according to a tradition current in the family, with
Mordecai Jaffe, author of the "Lebushim". The immediate ancestor was
Joseph of Turetz (d. 1778), Turetz being a town near Nowogrudok, in
the province (guberniya) of Minsk. The first member of the family to
assume the name "Harkavy" was Gershon of Nowogrudok (d. 1824), son of
Joseph of Turetz.
ï‚· Abraham Harkavy (or Avraam / Al'bert Eliyahu ben Yaakov
(Yakovl'evich) Harkavy) (1839-), historian
ï‚· Alexander Harkavy (1863 -), writer, Yiddish lexicographer, and
 Alexander Süsskind Harkavy (1785 - 1841): Scholar and merchant;
third son of Gershon Harkavy
ï‚· Allan Harkavy (-), emeritus physisist
ï‚· Deborah Romm (see Romm) (-): Daughter of Joseph Bezaleel Harkavy,
and head of the Hebrew publishing firm of Widow & Brothers Romm, of
ï‚· Elhanan Harkavy (- 1838, Jerusalem ): Eldest son of Gershon Harkavy
ï‚· Elhanan Harkavy (-): Brother of Alexander Harkavy
ï‚· Elijah Harkavy (-1827): Scholar and merchant; second son of Gershon
ï‚· Gershon Harkavy (1823-1875): Talmudist; son of Moses Solomon
ï‚· Gershon Harkavy (-): Son of Joseph of Turetz. He was a disciple of
Elijah of Wilna. In his declining years he settled in Safed, Eretz
Yisrael, where he founded a Talmudical academy, and maintained it by
the proceeds of vineyards bought for the purpose. He had four sons,
Elhanan, Elijah, Alexander Süsskind, and Moses Solomon.
ï‚· Hedva Harekhavi, Israeli poet and artist
ï‚· Jacob Harkavy (1799-1894): Son of Elhanan Harkavy. He was at the
head of a Talmudical academy at Jerusalem for forty-three years.
ï‚· Jacob Harkavy (-): Son of Gershon Harkavy; author of a brochure in
Russian on Jewish education (Wilna, 1902).
ï‚· Joseph Bezaleel Harkavy (-1873): Talmudist; son of Elhanan Harkavy.
He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Samuel Strashun of Wilna.
ï‚· Joseph Moses Harkavy (1812-1881): Talmudist; son of Rabbi Alexander
ï‚· Moses Solomon Harkavy (1805-1872): Merchant and philanthropist;
fourth son of Gershon Harkavy; born at Nowogrudok
ï‚· Vladimir (Wolf) Harkavy (-): Jurist at Moscow; son of Joseph
Bezaleel Harkavy
ï‚· Yehoshafat Harkabi (1921-1994) was chief of Israeli military
ï‚· Zvi Harkavi