Grundfest Family
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Chasha Grundfest Issacson, a daughter of Dina Dvarsha Rogosin Grundfest that came to the USA pre-war with her husband, Sam Issacson. Sam was in business with Israel Rogosin in the US. When I knew the Issacsons as a young boy, they lived in Brooklyn. I do remember hearing something about a factory in Berlin New Hampshire.


Yenta Grundfest Sankin, a daughter of Dina Dvarsha, with her husband David Sankin.. Taken in Radoshkovichi (1920's or 1930's)



Dina Dvarsha Rogozin Grundfest (my great grandmother) Taken in Radoshkovchi, Belarus. (year unknown)


Esther Rubin Kleinman (my mother, Dina Dvarsha's grandaughter) taken in Radoshkovichi (c. 1926)



Dina Dvarsha with 2 of her daughters, Gitel Grundfest Rubin (my grandmother) (left) and Yenta Grundfest Sankin (aunt) (right) (guess date is 1926). Presumably Chasia was already in the USA


Gitel Grundfest Rubin's gravesite. Presumably at stones unveiling. Radoshkovichi (c. 1931-1932). I found this grave on my visit to Radoshkovichi and had it restored.



Rubin Family- Josef, Gitel, Esther, Jacov. (c. 1927). My grandparents, mother, and uncle Jake.


Rubin's with baby Yacov (c 1926)



Sankin boys (guess c 1927)



From: Grundfest, M.D., Sharon

Thanks very much for posting the photos from the Grundfest branch! http://www.eilatgordinlevitan.com/kurenets/k_pages/grundfest.html 
I had never seen those before and forwarded them to some other members of the family. They are cousins of my father. 
The “meanings of Jewish names” page has some errors, but love your site.
Sharon Grundfest-Broniatowski MD