Grosbein Family
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6/17/04 - A baby named Roee Grosbein was born three weeks ago, son to Zvika and grandson of Chaim Grosbein. Here he is with his sister; Nitzan, his fatherand grandparents.Hagay Grosbein


The 8 Grosbein sisters ( from left) Back row: Identical twins Rochel Shap & Ester Budow, Mashe Deutsch. Middle row: Sonia Abramowitz & eldest child Miriam?, Tzipora & husband Yisroel, Aizik Gosbein (Yisroel's brother) & wife, Dvoshe Kraut & child, her husband behind her Front: Yenta Kornik, Chana, Mary Saltzman .Missing: a son of Yisroel & Tzipora who died in infancy before the war. History: Sonia, Ester, Rochel & Mary emigrated to South Africa before the war. Mother;Tzipora, died of natural causes before the war. Mashe & husband and Yenta survived the war without being captured - they hid out separately. Mashe & Moole Deutsch emigrated to Ramat Gan, Israel. They had 2 children: Yisrael & Tzipora. Yenta married Shmuel Kornik in 1947 and emigrated to South Africa in 1950. I am their son. Dvoshe, her husband, her child, Yisroel, Aizik, his wife and Chana were murdered.




      There were by 1850, only 16 Grosbeins living in Dolhinov (including spouses) from four Grosbein family groups.

 1:      The line of Yehuda: SHMUEL GROSBEIN’S HOUSE, November 6, 1850

Shmuel ben Yehuda (1789-1835) married Sara (Sora) (1793). His father was Yehuda ben ? Grosbein. Shmuel was out of town in 1833 and back in 1834. They had three children Berko (1821-after 1858), Sosia (1824) not in Dolhinov in 1850, and Elia, ( late 1834-after1850. Berko married Basia bat Ansel (1825-after 1850). They had a son Shmuel (named after his grandfather) (1841-still living in 1858). In 1850, Berko, Basia, Shmuel, and Elia are living together in the same house. [1850 revision: 519-523]

2.      line of Yitzhak: In 1850, Shmuel & Yehuda, brothers, living in Shmuel’s house

Yitzhak ben _____ (1730 or before-?) who had brothers named Avigdor (Ovsei) and Eliezer (Leizer)? And Leizer might have had a son Mikhel.

                 Son 1?:  Kadus-David ben Yitzhak (Itska) (1766-1812). No clear descendants.

               Son 2:Shmuel-Leib ben Yitzhak (1781-1846). Married Menka (1782-before 1834?). Remarried Mriase (1803-before 1850).Out of town for a while around 1835. Their son was David ben Shmuel (1800-1847) who married Kreina (1800-before 1850). They had a daughter Braina (1821) and a son Berko (1828-after 1858) who married Beila bat Rafal (1828-after 1850). David took over Shmuel’s house’s house when his father died. Braina is not in Dolhinov in 1850. Mikhel ben Eliezer (1808-1842) lived in the same house, before or with them. [see 1850, 368-372].

              Son 3: Yehuda ben Yitzhak (1782-1841) married Bela (1789-before 1850). Out of Dolhinov between 1811 and 1815. They had a son Shaul (Shevel) (1817-1835) who married Sara (1816). Yehuda and Bela also had twins, Esther and Shoshie, born in 1830. Neither is in Dolhinov in 1850 (See 1850 revision, 414-15)

             Shmuel and Yehuda are somehow related to Mikhel ben Leizer (1807-1842), absent in 1818 but back by 1827, and Leib ben Ovsei (1778-1831). Ovsei was probably brother of the Yitzhak father and Mikhel a son of one of Yitzhak’s brothers. No descendants listed in 1850.


   3.      The line of Menahem: SHLOMO GROSBEIN’S HOUSE, November 6, 1850

                 Menahem must have been born before 1742. Leib (Gershon Leib) ben Menahem (1761-1825) had two sonsYitzhak (1818-still living in 1858) and Shlomo (1816-still living in 1858). THIS SEEMS UNLIKELY menahem would be too old to have these sons.

?--Shmerel ben Leib (1781) arrived in Dolhinovaround December 1811, “with the beggars.” Whatever this means precisely it indicates he was not born in Dolhinov. He has no descendents in later records.

?--Another possible son would be Yisrael ben Gershon (1791-1845), left Dolhinov before 1811 but was back by that year. He married Hava (1790-before 1834). Their daughters Hanna (Khasha?) (1808) (not living in Dolhinov in 1850) and Sara (1818) not living in Dolhinov in 1850, and their sons Girshon (1804-1846) and Yakov (1818-still alive in 1858) married to Yenta bat Abram (1820) [1850 Revision: 851-854]

--Shlomo (1816-after 1858) married Shulka bat Shlomo (Shlioma) (1820-after 1850) and had at least one child, Haya (1847-after 1850).

--Yitzhak (1818-still living in 1858) married Feiga bat Yakov (Iankel) (1820-after 1850) and they lived in his brother’s household. Yitzhak had at least two children by 1850: Chaya (1844-after 1850), Khana (1841-after 1850.) These seven people lived together in the largest Grosbein household in Dolhinov. [1850 Revision: 527-533].  

                       In 1857, Yitzhak had a son Pinkus Leib Grosbein who was my great-grandfather. Itzko Grosbein died prior to 1884. Pinchus Leib married, probably in 1878 or 1879, Simka (Sima) Mendel (born 1861) daughter of Boruch Mendel. They had a son Hershel born in 1880. In 1881 they moved from Dolginov to the village of Rechki of Vileisky uyezd. They obtained a permit to do so from the chief policeman of the uyezd on May 6, 1881. His second son, Itzko (Yitzhak, named after his father) was born in 1884 and Sima died in childbirth aged only 23. He then, at age 27, moved back to Dolginov with his two sons, no doubt wanting both the company of his family and help in raising the two boys. He received his permit to do so on February 1, 1885.

Back in Dolginov he quickly married Lea Rivka, who was probably very young. No doubt, a widow with two little children needed a wife fast. By 1889 they were living in a wooden one-story house with five people. These were probably Hershel, Yitzhak—sons of his first marriage-- wife Lea Rivka and Shmuel. (1886-1942). And then they had three other children—Sarah (1887-1962 or 1963?), Chaya (1892-1970), and Rahel (1894-1942). Chaya could have been named after her aunt.


           The line of Haim LEFT DOLHINOV? Haim would have been born prior to 1766

           (Beines-Itsko) Yitzhak ben Haim 1784. In 1816 he was married to Mariasha (1781) and they had a daughter Khasha (1809). Mariasha seems to have died and he married Liba (1799) and with her probably had Moishe (1821), Yitzhak (1823), and Rivka 1827. The family is absent from 1846. Ovsei ben Yitzhak (1817), he left in 1846, may have been a son of Yitzhak ben Haim but he is not listed as such and lived with the Faibish ben Shlomo family (see below).


The line of Shlomo:

Shlomo ben ? Grosbein was born prior to 1772

Son : Faibish ben Shlomo (Shlioma) (1791-1840). Could be brother of Shulka ben Shlioma (assuming she was a Grosbein). Married to Basia (1792-before 1850).  They were out of Dolhinov before 1818. They had two sons, Shlomo (1828) who left in 1845 and Zalman (1824) who left in 1846.  He may have had more children. Ovsei ben Yitzhak (1817) lived with this family until he left in 1846. Was he a son of Yitzhak ben-Haim? [see 1850, 46-49]

Leib Grosbein (on or before 1798-before 1850) had at least two sons: Isaac (born 1818) and Shlomo (born 1816). Issac may have been a widower in or after 1844 and lived in his brother’s household. Isaac had at least three children by his first marriage: Chaya (born 1844), Khana (born 1841) and Ovsei (born 1832). For some reason, Ovsei left Dolhinov in 1846. Shlomo (born 1816) married Shulka (born 1820) and had at least one child, Chaya (born 1847).

Grossbein families at the time of the Shoah

1. Pinchas Leib Grosbein descendents

            Two children: Chaya and Sarah emigrated to the United States in 1908.

Shmuel (1886-1942) married Rahel Lea Markman (1892-1942) and owned a market stall. They had four children. The whole family was killed in the Shoah. The children were Leah Rivka (!924-1942)(named after his mother) Pinkas Leib (1928-1942) (named after his father);Ethel (?-1942), and Moshe (1922-1942) (named after Rahel’s parents).

Rahel (1892-1942) married Yirimayahu Dimenshtein (1890-1942) They had three children: Mendel (who died young in 1923), Moshe (1922-1942), and Teibel (Tova) (born 1924), who escaped into the forest, was sent to Siberia, returned to Dolghinov after the war, and emigrated to Israel in 1957. Rahel, Yirimayahu, and Moshe were killed in 1942.  Tova married Shmuel Alperovitz from Dolghinov, who was together with her on the forest march, and they had two daughters who live in Israel, Malka and Raya who each had one son and one daughter.

Hershel Grosbein: 1880-?

Yitzhak Grosbein:  1884-?

---2. Chatzkel Grosbein family

Chatzkel (Yeheskel?) Grossbein, born around 1864, was a blacksmith in 1920 and died before 1930. (wife unknown name)  They had three sons who he brought into his business and who died in the Shoah: Zalman (1890-1942); Mendel, 1902-1942, who married Ryva Grossbein, daughter of Leyzer Grossbein.  and Boris (1903-1942). Check Zalman brother in law

Chaim Grosbein (b before 1876-d prior to 1928) had a son Zalman Shlomo Grosbein (1894-1942) who married Sonya (Sheyna, daughter of Moshe and Bela Katzovitz) 1905-1942. He was a wagon wheel maker. They had two sons Haim 1935-1942 and Ido (Yitzhak) 1937-1942 and three daughters Batya (Berta, 1926-1942), Ryva 1932-1942, and Ida 1934-1942, Testimony (01-Jan-1956 by Sonya’s sister, Henya Zukernik Katzovitz, and Zalman’s sister in law. The entire family was killed

Mendel and Ryva (bat Lazar Grosbein (1904-1942) had Haya (Khaya), 1922-1942; Frida, 1926-1942; Dora, 1928-1942, and Khatzkel-1930-1942.

Boris married Perka (1905-1942) had a daughter Ryva, 1932-1942  and a son Yefim 1934-1942 and a son Yitzhak1936-1942. The whole family was killed in the Shoah.  

------- 3. Mendel Grosbein family

Shmuel Grosbein (born before 1869) had a son named Mendel Grosbein (born before 1887) who married Bela and had a two sons, Yitzhak and Hershel 1905-1942.

Hershel married Chaya  Hefetz 1907-1942 (parents Shmuel and Chana Hefetz). They had Shmuel 1933-1942 and Haim 1937-

Yitzhak married Lea Hefetz and had Shmuel, Rishka, Hanna, Razel, and Pinia (see below)

-------4. Yerimayahu-Hana Grosbein family

Yerimayahu Grosbein (born pre-1856) married Hana. They had a son Yisrael Grosbein (1874-1942) and Yitzhak (1892-1942) COUSIN TESTIMONY 11/5/55.

Yisrael Grosbein married Pesia (daughter of Meir and Feiga Geskin) (1894-1942) their daughter Masha Deutsch survived.

Yitzhak Grosbein was a tailor and married to Tziporah (bat Lev) 1872-1942. Their children were Chana 1923-1942; Yenta (1913-1942) a teacher;  and Dvosia 1910-1942 who married a man named Kraut, and moved to Glebokie where she died. Testimony 5-Sep-1955.   testimony 5-Sep-1955 by her sister Masha Deutsch

--5. Yitzhak-Liza Grosbein family

Yitzhak Grosbein (1900-1942) married Liza (1904-1942)and they had Chana 1930-1942; Basya 1932-1942. Pinya ?-1942. I believe they also had a son named Shmuel 1938?-942.


Shmuel Grosbein2 1895-1942 married Genya (Bat Leib), a tailor, (1900-1942). They had a daughter Ema (1918-1942) a tailor, and two sons Pinya 1920-1942 and Moshe (1922-1942).  

A different Shmuel Grosbein3 had a daughter Liza (1902-1942) married to ?

Tzvi Grosbein was married to Chaya (1899-1942, bat Shmuel and Khana). They had a son named Haim (1933-1942).


Lazar Grosbein (born before 1864 ) had a daughter Pesya 1882-1942.

From: Barry Rubin <profbarryrubin@yahoo.com>

I have been doing extensive research into the history of
Dolhinov's Jews and especially into that of the , and Hefetz families.
In cooperation with Harold Rhode and Leon Rubin, who has done so much
for the Dolhinov community, we are setting up a Dolhinov Research
Project and invite you to participate and to share your information.
This includes the following efforts:
--A survey of documents on Dolhinov in Vilna, Vileika, and
Minsk with the aim of copying as many as possible.
--Recording the inscriptions of the 400 gravestones in the
Jewish cemetery.
--Creating an email list of Dolhinov descendants to exchange
information. Please send me your email if you would like to be
--Trying to build a Rubin and Grossbein family trees which will
obviously include a lot of other people as well.
--DNA testing of Rubin family members.
I hope that we can report to you on progress and to get your help.
Let me start with the DNA testing which is still going on.
Evidence from a few tests seems to indicate the following:
1. All Dolhinov Rubins come from a single family, taking that
name in the early 1700s.
2. The original location of the family was in eastern Anatolia
which coincides with the origins of Abraham's tribe in Ur.
We will know more as additional people are tested and more detailed
tests are done.

Please feel free to write me at profbarryrubin@yahoo.com.

Here is my family tree of Rubins as best as I can reconstruct it:

Yermiya Rubin born before 1743 (the first known Rubin)
Gabriel Rubin (1763- )
Yankel Rubin (1791-1833)
+Sora ? (1805- )
Zalman Rubin (1820s?-after 1870)
Yankel (1838-1889 or after) and Chaya Rubin (1837 or
1839-1889 or after) (daughter of Itzko ____). They had three sons:

1.Leib (March 15, 1865-January 10, 1949)
Married Sarah ((November 25, 1872-November 9, 1944)
A. Philip 1890
B. David 1895
C. Bessie 1897
D. Anna 1899
E. Alexander 1901
F. Ida 1903
G. Evelyn 1909

2. Haim Shimon (1867- 1920 or after?)
Ma: Faiga Rivka Heifetz (daughter of Tankhel Heifetz; sister of Natan
Heifetz). They had two children:

A. Yaakov Yeramiyahu (1890-1933)
Ma. Chaya Grossbein
David (1913-1974) married Helene: Barry Rubin
Lillian: (1921- ) married Melvin Kramer: Joan, Richard, Susan,

C. Chaya Doba (1906-1942)
Ma: Aharon Perlmutter

C and D: there were two other sons but I cannot find their names. I
would be grateful for help here.

3.. Zalman-Ber Rubin (1860-?), drafted into the Czarist army in 1879,
fate unknown.