Furman Family
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From: Haim Furman <haim.furman@anobit.com>

I would appreciate your assistance regarding the testimony with the title:

June 1941, The Germans entrance to Dunilovichi By Yitzhak Mushkat (A
survivor, now in Argentina) Translated by Eilat Gordin Levitan


In the testimony, there are 2 parts that I want to focus on:

1. We went out of the house and dawn was breaking. By day, we had to
be careful not to be seen. We went deeper into the forest. The frost
was fierce and we had nothing to wear. We didn't dare make a fire. We
again went around in circles. Suddenly we saw a small boy sitting on a
tree stump, eating a piece of bread. He was wounded in his leg. This
was Reuven Furman's eight-year-old son. While running across the lake,
he had been shot in the leg. He told us, “I made out as if I was dead.

When the policeman went away, I ran into the forest. I was in the
forest with my father and two brothers. Where they are, I don't know
because I had fallen asleep. When I awoke they were gone.” We couldn't
understand why the father had abandoned his son. We asked him, “Where
could they have gone?” He answered that he had simply heard them
saying that they must go to the Shnitz Forests, where there were

When we heard this, we had a shred of hope. We decided to go there
since we might meet up with the partisans, but what to do with the
boy? He wants to go, but he can't, since he is limping badly, and it
is about forty-five kilometers to Shmitz. We bandaged his foot with a
torn shirt. A rich peasant lived nearby. We brought him there and
asked that he keep him until we find his father. We told the peasant
that if he turns him over to the Germans, the partisans will come and
burn down his entire farm. He took him and made a shepherd of him.

2. We were driven deep into the forest until we noticed patrols at
their posts. One was an acquaintance from the shtetl. Then we
understood that these were the partisans. We met people from
Dunilovichi such as Leib Gentzel and his daughter and Reuven Furman
and his two sons. This was the father who had left his small son in
the forest.

I am Reuven Furman's grandson.

I believe that one of his two sons is my father, Jacob Furman, and the
other son was his twin brother, David.

The eight-year-old son (in part 1) should be my uncle.

My father had 7 brothers and sisters and he told us that they,
together with his parents were murdered.

He actually didn’t see them all dead, by he told us that he know...

I hope that you could light more details about this story.

Thanks in advance,