Codosh Family
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CHAIM and LUBA Dining Hall, dedicated to my parents heroism during the Holocaust.


From: Shirley Sapire <shirlsap@g.....com>
Date: Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 5:13 AM
Subject: Todres and Chodosh families from Kobylnik.
To: egl.comments@gmail.com

I am looking for any information about the Todres and Chodosh families from Kobylnik.  My father was Noach Todres - his parents were Arye Leib Todres and Sarah Chodosh.  I have a few photos but would like to have any further information about the families.
Kind Regards,
Shirley Todres Sapire. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Shane Weksler nee Todres was born in Kobylnik in 1916 to Arie and Sara nee Khadash. She was married to Schneur. Weksler. She perished in the Vilna ghetto another picture of her(she is standing) http://www.eilatgordinlevitan.com/kobylnik/kob_pix/kob_front/030817_21_b.gif  

Yehudit nee Todres the wife of Shaul Kaplan perished in the Vilna ghetto. She was born to Arye Leib Todres and Sara nee Chodes