Chedekel Family
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Lisa Chedekel and Matthew Kauffman


Betty Chedekel posing for the WDAU-TV Movie ad.


Jack Chedekel on camera 2.

 From the internet;
Paul CHEDEKEL — late of Andover. Died Oct. 5. Husband of the late
Evelyn (nee Bernstein) Chedekel. Father of Lisa Chedekel and her
partner, Dr. Isabel Morais, of Newton. Brother of Deborah Hartman of
Andover and the late Arthur Chedekel. Grandfather of two
Hartford Courant reporters Matthew Kauffman and Lisa Chedekel spent
more than a year examining the psychological health of the
-- The Jewish Journal Archive
October 21 - November 3, 2005
Florence Epstein (Block) Finn died April 15, 2006....She was
pre-deceased by her sister, Ethel Chedekel
DDr. Chedekel received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of
Minnesota where his thesis research was in the area of natural
products chemistry. After a one-year postdoctoral fellowship in
photochemistry at Iowa State University, Dr. Chedekel worked as an
Assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at the Ohio State
University where his research focused on various aspects of melanin
biochemistry, chemistry, and photobiology.

Dr. Chedekel then accepted a position as Associate Professor of
Environmental Chemistry and Dermatology at The Johns Hopkins
University. Dr. Chedekel was awarded an NIH Research Career
Development Award for his research on the biochemistry and
photobiology of melanin. Dr. Chedekel has been awarded numerous NIH
grants, published extensively, and has lectured throughout the world
on the biochemistry, chemistry, and photobiology of melanin pigments.

In 1991 Dr. Chedekel, along with Dr. Lisa Zeise founded MeL-Co with
the purpose of development and commercialization of melanin as a raw
material for the personal care industry. avid Chedekel, Ed.D. Chief
Psychologist Shriners Burns Institute

Eilat Gordin Levitan

 Leibin Chidekel. He married Leba ?.

Children of Leibin Chidekel and Leba ? are:
i +Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel, b. 11 September 1888, Scharkowstunna , Vilna , Lithuania.
Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel (b. 11 September 1888)Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel (son of Leibin Chidekel and Leba ?) was born 11 September 1888 in Scharkowstunna , Vilna , Lithuania. He married Sara Sonia Unterschlak on 17 September 1910, daughter of Elijohu - Meiske Unterschlak and Genia Seifer.

Emigration: Ellis Island : Frederick V111.
Information: Supplied by Lief Rosenstock leif.rosenstock@mail.tele.dk.
Occupation: Tailor.

More About Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel and Sara Sonia Unterschlak :
Marriage: 17 September 1910

Children of Abraham " Mendel" Chidekel and Sara Sonia Unterschlak are:
i Rebekka Chidekel, b. 09 October 1910. Cause of Death (Facts Pg): Congenital Heart Failure
ii Elias Moses Chidekel, b. 17 March 1914.
iii Bertha " Beile" Chidekel, b. 18 October 1918.
iv +Simon Chidekel, b. date unknown
Children of Simon Chidekel are: Per Chidekel, b. date unknown, d. 2001
ii +Schwabe .
 Jude Chidekel, b. date unknown, d. 18 February 1953, Copenhagen, Denmark. He married Sprintze Children of Schwabe Jude Chidekel and Sprintze are:
i Nathan Chidekel, b. Abt. 1922.
iii Bashe Frieda "Bushi" Chidekel, b. date unknown.
Dr. Aaron Chidekel AI DuPont Children's Hospital

Martin Chidekel

Owner, Soundvenue A/S

• Owner at Soundvenue A/S

Rune Chidekel


Writer"Banjos likørstue" (2001) TV Series (unknown episodes)
... aka Simon Jul - Slik mig hvid! (Denmark: video compilation title)
Executive Director & Partner
at Limestone Aps
Executive Director & Partner at Soundvenue Magazine
Marc Chidekel
19 years

Szarkowszczyzna Yizkor book; ....Five streets extended from the core of the marketplace. Disner Street was the longest of those Streets. It began with the house of Esther Itzes' Chidekel which served also as an inn. The pharmacy was also located there. It was the first street to be paved.......The brothers Chidekel administered the Tarbut School in Szarkowszczyzna
From the Kramers' site; Joe Rubin's parents; Jenny nee Chidekel and .
 Nathan  Rubin (son of Gruni, daughter of Meyer Kramer of Dolhinov)
I spoke with  my cousin, Joe Rubin, about Muna Gruni.  Joe ran the record store in downtown Waterbury for at least 30 years.  According to Joe, his grandmother was born in 1850 is Daglinev.  She died in 1938 when she was 88.
Gruni and her family lived in Brooklyn all of their lives.  Joe said that his grandmother used to drive up from New York and always visit the family in Waterbury.  The Rubins came to visit their Shapiro Aunts (Tzeva and Dora).  Muna Gruni Rubin is still remembered by many family member from Waterbury. she is b
uried in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn
Chidekel Abraham-Yitzchak and Hinda
Slobodka Necrology

From: Karen Kirshner

Thank you for the work you did on the Chidekel page of Sharkovschina (and should include Skuntiki next door) It’s my maternal grandmother’s paternal line and I believe the two Tarbot School Teachers who were Chidekel were my Grandmother’s family only because she said her family were always teachers, on her mother’s line (rabbis).

I could find my Great Uncle Meyer Chidekel with his wife Chana and two children in Yad Vashem, but do not know if he had any more children and there is a question of him owning a Tea House business or being a teacher, and there is his wife’s maiden name I don’t know and it would help to know because I have done Family Tree DNA testing and it would help clarify connections. I had my cousin David Chidakel’s Y DNA tested too. He was the grandson of my Great Grandfaher Itzyk Chidekel’s brother’s son. The brother of my Great Grandfather was also David. Sheila Lev Tov is David’s sister. Josie (Chidekel) Barnett, whose Grandmother was my Grandmother Liba/Lily’s second cousin, married to her third cousin. Cousins kept marrying….Josie was the source of the contact with David and Sheila after I found out the brother lived int he same shtetl My GGrandfather settled, Suntiki. I know the Levin line of his future father-in-law was there as well. Do you have any information about my Great Aunt Brochka (Chidekel) who I believed was married to Aaron Mirkin? They had children and she may have had a grandchild or more.when her home with the children and her elderly mother (Masha Levin Chidekel) were inside when the Nazis invaded “Poland” ca. Sept. 1941. They were in Skuntiki or should have been there. Meyer was listed as being in Nowy Powost, maybe a name for the area?  I have seen no records ever mentioning my Grandmother’s sister Brochka. Do you have any information about her and her children and if she was definitely married to Aaron Mirkin? I have a photo of the two of them on a postcard, which was done for couples and families. I know she was married with children and I do think I recall my grandmother telling me he was her husband.  Also my Great Aunt Raycha (Chidekel) married to my Great Uncle Khona Berman  had children all supposed to have been murdered in Sharkovschinna, and I found them listed at one point, but would like any additional Berman info. you may have. I believe from the DNA testing of my maternal Uncle and matches he has had with many Epsteins, not Bermans, that my Bermans were once Epsteins. Epstein and Gurevichs where two lines of one family. My Grandmother  Liba (Chidekel) Berman was in fact a cousin of Yitzhak Gurevich who survived the war in the Russian Army and lived in Vilnius afterwards as a black market businessman, and brought his second family (first killed) to NY in the late 1970s, just missing my grandmother as she died May 14, 1975, so I had to rely on what he told me without English. I knew of the cousins and an Aunt in Vilnius, and his stories meshed with mine. Then there is the connection to the Denmark Chidekels.. My grandmother told me of an aunt and cousins there. She had family in Denmark and I thought elsewhere, besides many in Argentina. How could I find the family in Denmark now?

I am very interested in knowing when the Berman of Ludhki, which was Shepsel who married Bashya (Perelman) living with Israel Berman as head of household and the name I was told was his father’s , when was he a Berman? Was the name always Berman or did Shepsel take Israel’s surname as a rescued yeshiva boy (as he was in Yeshiva there) and may have been one of the kidnapped five boys who were saved by the  wealthiest men of the town, who paid the ransom. Was his name really Epstein or another name, as one DNA match suggested?  Are there any records available now that go back before  1860s where I could see birth w family names for that town, and then they moved to Sharkschinna where they managed an orchard and were murdered by two workers who came at Sabbath night to rob them and killed two grandchildren staying over for the weekend, last name Sher.  I would like to know more of that, since my Grandmother said the men were caught. Maybe it was documented and available in translation?  The Epstein or Berman question is big and would explain why we match with those who are related to Epsteins vs. Bermans from previous generations via DNA.

I have many more questions, of course. My cousin Marie Farber, whose husband is my mother’s definite DNA relation and is the nephew of one of Yitzhak Gurevich’s children, has sent me the Chidekel information you had posted.
You have amazingly vast knowledge and I have been helped by your input before.Karen Kirshner