Bekker Family
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Beila Becker Bekker, Moshe Becker Bekker, Avraham Menachem Mendel Becker Bekker, Rivka Rabinovich, Kaile Giladi



Eliezer and Chasida Bekker with their children, 1930



Moshe and Beila Bekker with 8 of their 9 children c 1920 Rishon Lezion


Shmuel Bekker with his children His sister Lea, and mother Beila.



Hadasa and her brother Emanuel Bekker 


Avshalom Bekker



Avshlom Bekker in the middle


Yigal Bekker
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Keila Giladi nee Bekker
She was born in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 1882. Her father was Menachem Mendel Becker and her mother, Shoshana Reize
Receiving a Jewish education.
Was active in Zionist organizations.
Immigrated to Israel(1907) with her sister Tzipora Zaid.
At first she worked as a seamstress.
Then joined a commune in Jerusalem with twenty members were  guided by "Bezalel" . Participated in the war against the Arabs and head guards in the Jewish neighborhoods outside the wall, and then remove the threats to the Jewish neighborhoods.
Longed to go through agriculture, and when she got an offer Sejera friends who had gathered to join the farm. After taking the test by scoring and Olbosvic (later wife of Israel Shochat. See Volume II, page 846 ) collective began working in the kitchen for 35 people.
After a short time received L"ordn "of the police (members of the" guard "). The first time she had invited the Assembly (to be prepared for life H"ordn ") spoke of the need to raise the dignity of Jews in the eyes of the Arab neighbors, it will receive the protection they not will depend manage to encroach into the environment, the economy herds and Hebrew.
In 1909, members of the group receiving retention Masha one year. When Arab neighbors were conducting attacks on Masha, were sent Sejera help groups (with 5 people. Once armed left 30 people - mostly with clubs ...).
Most men Masha and then concentrated in farm work were responsible for initiating Sejera 5 companies remained in place.
After she became ill Transportation Mission Hospital in Tiberias, where she met Dov Schweiger and Relais Bolo Dvorsky compensations by the villagers in the lobby. Dov Schweiger laughed his wounds: "These are just minor scratches".
When she returned from the hospital she married Israel Giladi (see this volume) then kept the Sea of Galilee.
At the end of the summer (1909) moved to Zichron Yaakov and held there
Keeping in 30 vineyards. On his cart like a normal "wandering tent" which were old.
After finishing guard passed Masha.
Offspring: Dogel Z"L, Gideon Z"L, Hadassah Sporn, Dov Z"L , Nachman Giladi, 
son Nachman Giladi and his wife Geeta Shkolnik, 3 sons ; Israel, Gideon and Avihu (Pictured below with his wife Nitza.)

Avihu Giladi and wife Nitza ( Avihu was a grandson of Keila nee Bekker. He was killed while fighting in the Yom Kipur war (1973)