Barbakov Family
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Boris Barkman, a relative of the Berkman family of Druya during World War II


Barbakow Sima, Berkman Rasia and Luisa and Lurie Feiga of Druia


Sonia and Sima Barbakov, Zusia and Zelda Berkman, Zeidlin, Feiga Lurie and Pliskin.


Barbakow Sima, Barkman Zusia, Barkman Yitzhak,
Lurie Feiga, Druya pre 1939


Put in Druya portraits and barbakov family; Barbakov Fania, Yelin
Bluma and Zimer ?


barbakov and Druya portraitz; Zisle Barbakov and ?


Berkman Sonia

Sonia Berkman nee Barbakov was born in Druja in 1905 to Zeev and Zisa. She was married to Yekhezkel. Prior to WWII she lived in Druja, Poland. During the war she was in Druja, Poland. Sonia perished in 1942 in Druja, Poland with 2 daughters ( Zeldele age 4. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed on left) submitted on 24-Apr-1979 by her son Zusia who survived with his father

BFC-01888 Boris Feldblyum Collection. Captions
Belarus, miscellaneous.
Meer Barbakov. Notarized copy of the birth record on the letterhead of
the Riga Rabbi. Parents: Abel Barbakov from Belarus and Luba Gofman.
Signed by Riga Rabbi M. Zak. Document 1921.

Fania Barbakov ( Of Druja), aged 29, kept a diary during the
holocaust and ended it with the following
" My hands tremble and it is hard for me to finish writing. I am proud
that I am a Jewess......I am dying for my people. How much I want to
live and to attain to a little good in life, but everything is already
lost....Be well; your relative Fania in the name of all of them:
Father, Mother, Sonia, Sima, Zosia, Rasia, Chanze and in the name of
little Zeldele, who still does not understand anything..."

The Jews of Bielorussia During World War II

By Shalom Cholawski

Page 93