Bader Family
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Tema Bader (Schanzer/Schantzer) and her  husband Jacob Bader Son of Isaak Moses Bader and Hena BaderBoth born in Krakow c 1870. They perished in the holocaust with some of their children. 


Yad Vashem report by 
Miriam Krauthamer (Bader)  for her father Solomon Bader.



Joseph Bader  
Birth: August 08, 1885
Minsk, Minská oblast, Belarus
Death: June 24, 1978 (92) (Murdered in the Holocaust)
Immediate Family:
Son of Jacob Bader and Tema Bader
Husband of Rachel Gutta Bader
Father of Moshe Bader; Osias Yehoshua Bader; Salomea (Sala) Bader; Leah Lewkowicz (Bader); Rosa Bader and 3 others
Brother of Salomon Bader; Issac Bader; Mordekhai(Marcus) Bader; Helen Fuller; Mary Nagen; David Bader; Jetty Schaefer; Rosa Markowitz and Pauline Klein


Issac Bader
Polish: Yitzhak

Birth: circa 1890
Wadowice, Wadowice County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Death: circa 1943 (44-61)
O?wi?cim, o?wi?cimski, ma?opolskie, Poland (Murdered in the Holocaust)
Immediate Family:
Son of Jacob Bader and Tema Bader
Husband of Rachel Bader
Father of Herman Bader; <private> Shapell (Bader); Abraham Bader; Regina Honigstein; Mark Bader; Osias Bader and Jehoshua Bader « less
Brother of Salomon Bader; Joseph Bader; Mordekhai(Marcus) Bader; Helen Fuller; Mary Nagen



Pauline Klein (Bader)

Death: circa 1943
Poland (Murdered in the Holocaust)
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Jacob Bader and Tema Bader
Wife of Yehoshua Osias Klein
Mother of Dvora (Doshka) Henenberg; Chaim (Joachim) Klein; Avraham (Romek) Klein and Moses Klein
Sister of Salomon Bader; Joseph Bader; Issac Bader; Mordekhai(Marcus) Bader; Helen Fuller 


Nathan Bader
Birth: November 30, 1896
Khmelnytskyi, Khmel'nyts'ka oblast, Ukraine
Death: June 20, 1968 (71)
Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, United States
Place of Burial:
Mount Carmel Cemetery, Glendale, Queens County, NY, United States
Immediate Family:
Son of Samuel Bader (his father was born in Krakow) and Ida Bader nee Milstein
Husband of Celia Bader
Father of Marilyn Elsa Bader and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Brother of Fanny Bader; Itzik Isadore Bader; Fischel Philip Bader and Berl Benjamin Bader



Joan Ruth Ginsburg (Bader), Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 
Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Gender: Female 
Birth: March 15, 1933
New York, Kings County, New York, United States ?
Death: September 18, 2020 (age 87)
Washington, District of Columbia, DC, United States (Pancreatic Cancer) ?
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Nathan Bader (his paternal grandparents were from Krakow) and Celia Bader
Wife of Martin David Ginsburg

Sister of Marilyn Elsa Bade


Salomea Bader
Stutthof, Concentration Camp
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Joseph Bader and Rachel Gutta Bader
Sister of Moshe Bader; Osias Yehoshua Bader; Leah Lewkowicz (Bader); Rosa Bader; Isaak Bader; Rivka (Rebecca) Oscherowitz (Bader and Zinna Bader 


Jacob Bader Son of Isaak Moses Bader and Hena Bader born in Krakow c1870 perished in the holocaust


 I have been adding to "Geni" some missing profiles for the Bader family that originated in Krakow c1800 (when Jews had to take a last name.) The family includes the paternal ancestors   of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her father Nathan was the grandson of 
Isaak Moses Bader (Isaak Moses was born in Krakow in 1841) and Yetta Bader (Levy).  Issac and my husband's grandmother share relatives.
The  mother of Isaak Moses was 
Yocheved/Jachwet Bader (Birnbaum) she is an aunt of  my husband's  second cousin thrice removed .
Much of the Bader family tree could be found online https://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/Krakow/Families/Bader.html
and for the Birnbaum family https://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/Krakow/Families/Birnbaum.html
We should all be very thankful to Dan Hirschberg  for posting the entire births, marriages and deaths of Jewish Krakow online. Dan  accepts and adds  new information from family members of those listed.   
 Why do I care about the Bader tree? The DNA of my husband, my brother and myself matched Adi (nee Adolf) Bader and his daughter (another Ruth  Bader) We all triangulate  with the same segments on chromosome 10.    It might be the key to one of the ways my husband and I are related. I know that  my mother is not related     to my husband. they did not match. It is my father   who most likely is related  to both of his parents which gives us the    prediction (by all companies we loaded the DNA that we are second cousins! ( we are not)
  On chromosome 10 in the same place my husband matches two maternal first cousins of my father and a second cousin of my  husband from his mother side (a granddaughter of a Rakower from Krakow with a long ancestry there). My paternal grandmother Lola  daughter of Yehuda ben Avraham Chait and Asna (daughter of Zusia Kriger and Gitel nee Shenker(??) told me that her family was in Lithuania for only two  generations. I was so busy video recording her that I neglected to ask where they came from. I find records of the birth of Lola, her cousins and her siblings in Pasvalys, Birzai and Ponevitzes all between 1895- 1910 with the names of their parents and grandparents. I find no records before that. Could they have come from Krakow to Lithuania c1860? . The picture shows the triangulating match my brother and I have with the Baders on my husband's chromosomes map.


Isaak Moses Bader's great grandchildren