Altshuler Family
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Itschak Zeev Altshuler

Binyamin Nachman Altshuler
Chaya Altshuler (born Goldshtein)


Machla Altshuler (born to AharonVagner)

Machla and Yitzhak Ze'ev Altshuler and their infant son Shamai left Moscow and immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1890. They joined the builders of the Rehovot colony.
 Yitzhak Ze'ev was known for his bravery, courage, openness and cordiality and was even nicknamed "Sasson Chaim"for his good and happy nature. His house was used as a transit station for the young people of the Second Aliyah
Who passed through the colony and worked in it. He was one of the cavalrymen who were chosen to welcome Herzl on his visit to Rehovot and to accompany him during his trip. .
 Was also the first to greet Yemeni immigrants with wine, cakes and sweets as they reached  Rehovot around 1900;

--Upon reaching Rehovot he worked as a laborer and later was an independent farmer who specialized in growing vegetables and fruits, and was even among the outstanding
In the exhibition of agricultural produce at the famous "Rehovot Celebrations", which took place every Passover in the colony.
He trained pioneers and young workers in agricultural work, and imported deciduous fruit varieties from Europe in order to improve the
 The vineyards and the almond, apple, plum and fig orchards in the colony.
Yitzhak Ze'ev was one of the founders of the Histadrut Ha'asarot in Rehovot (a secret organization for defense and security). Was a popular public activist,
 Member of the management of the Hapoalim Kitchen, established by Menucha and Nahala, one of the founders of Hevra-Kadisha, active in absorption
The new immigrants in the colony and the five elected officials who established the Hapoalim "Ezra" neighborhood. In his vineyard he planted fine vines,
And the crop was marketed to "Gat" and later to the winery in Rishon Lezion.
 From the research buildings of the Weizmann Institute.

Altshuler was a representative of Rehovot in the main committee of the United Zionist Associations in Eretz Israel.

Being a man of tradition he was the first in the chain to celebrate Simchat Torah in the streets.

Altshuler educated all his children in his own way, and his four sons were sent to study agricultural professions in order to implement the agricultural innovations in the country.
The Children:
Shamai - a graduate of Mikve Israel, specialized in vines in Algeria and France and later was among the founders of Merhavia in the valley, Migdal Farm in the Galilee and one of the first builders of the Binyamina colony.



Shamai Altshuler
Nakdimon- who in his youth was the first lover of the poet Rachel, studied cow breeding and the dairy industry in the Netherlands and on his return taught these professions
At the Mikve Israel agricultural school. Was a defense operative in Rehovot and a main defendant in  "Rehovot plots."
 He worked in Syria (Horen) as a supervisor of PIKA lands. After the establishment of the state he was a guide for the care of working animals.


Nakdimon Altshuler




Son Aaron studied agriculture in California, and to the regrets of the family settled in the United States.


Aminadav, the fourth son, worked on the family farm, enlisted in the Hebrew battalions during the First World War,
 He was one of the founders of the Tel Aviv Riding Police, and is also accused of "plotting Rehovot,"
Coordinator of security and guarding matters in the colony, engaged on behalf of the JNF in the purchase of land in the Negev, on which the base was formed
For settlement in the Negev and the Lachish region. In 1939 he was a liaison officer for the Dead Sea Potash Company to cultivate neighborly relations
 with the Arabs in the area, and returned to the Negev in 1942. In 1952 he returned to Rehovot and was appointed head of the guards in the orchards on behalf of the agricultural committee.



The daughter Ruhama married Yosef Weitz, later the chairman of the board of the Jewish National Fund.
Their son Raanan was the head of the Jewish Agency's settlement department, and their son Yehiam fell on "Bridge Night." Kibbutz Yehiam is named after him.
Link to Raanan Weitz's book - The Fragrance of the Thorny Method, which also deals with the story of Rehovot and the Altshuler family


Yehudit married Gero Gera who later established the Prisons Authority and was its first head.




At the backyard  of the Altshuler family with guests amongst them Australian soldiers who served in the British Army. 
Machla and Yitzhak Zeev are on the left. Son Nakdimon is in the middle,

Yitzhak Ze'ev Altshuler, son of Chaya and Binyamin Nachman, was born in Buber, Mohilov, Russia (now in Belarus)) in 1866, 
he immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1890 
Died in Rehovot on September 26, 1934 (14 Tishrei, 1935)
His wife Machla Wagner immigrated to Israel in 1890

Their children:
Shamai  (married Chaia Shlonsky)1889- 1964
Ruhama (married Joseph Weitz),1891- 1982
Nakdimon (married chaia Epstein), 1893- 1980
Judith (married Gero Gera - Krochevsky) 1897-1964
Aaron (married  Clara), 1899- 1988
Aminadav (married  Pnina nee Voltek), 1901-1968