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Atara Abramson, a holocaust survivor from Vilon, Poland

Atara Avramson
Middle Name: Crayndil
Father : Avigdor
Mother : Rebeka
Born in Volhin, Poland- holocaust survivor
Birth Date: 28/12/1926
Death; 13.5.1948- Gush Ezion, Israel.
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#abr-3:Modern Jewish Mythologies Edited by Glenda Abramson
#abr-5: Jewish Post's art director (print edition), Kanan Abramson turned into a well known celebrity in Israel upon the publishing of the Hebrew version of his novel, Red Dollar, a romantic suspense-thriller. The book deals with the struggle of the new wave of international terror.


Rabbi Maurice Abramson is my granfather. He emigrated to the US in
the early 1900's. He reportedly lived in Vilnius. His parents were
named Elias Abramson and Stacia Lechovitsky. Respectfully,
Jonathan Abramson, Berkeley,.


Rabbi Alan Abramson, Beth Din Administrator


Entrance to the Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life




Dr. Henry Abramson www.huri.harvard.edu/ newsannals/shklarfellows...
Dr. Abramson is an Associate Professor and University Library Scholar
of Judaica at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton). He received his Ph.D. in history ("Jews and Ukrainians in Revolutionary Times:
Autonomy, Statehood and Civil War, 1917-1920") from the University of Toronto in1995

Krevo, Abramson
Krevo, Abramson


Avraham Eliahu Millkofsky and wife
Fannie (Shayna Fruma) Millkofsky (nee Abramson)
Her Birth: 1863 
Kreva  Belarus
Death: 1927  
Rochester, NY


Ida Minnie Drexler (nee Millkofsky) 
Birth: 1886 
Kreva, Belarus
Death: June 25, 1967 
Rochester, NY


From: Esther Epstein <estherwasser@.com>
My name is Esther Wasser Epstein. My mother, Luba Persky née Abramson was born in Krewo in 1920 and passed away last year. She gave me the picture of the Persky family pictured on your website that my cousin Chaya Werber posted?

My mother (Libby Wasser, holding a book)   was finally able to share her story with me at length a few years before she died. Her story was heart wrenching, and even now it is hard for me to share her story. I noticed that on your Krewo website, picture 26 mentions Gershon Milikovsky and his daughter Roza ( or Raizala) and her brother Noah. My mother said that Gershon and Judah Milikovsky were uncles and business partners with her father, Chaim Yehudah, and Roza was her cousin and best friend. She described how Noah perished. Could you possibly put me in touch with the person who wrote the caption to this picture? Thank you for any help you could provide.
Esther Epstein
------------------------------I (Eilat Gordin Levitan) wrote the caption. A building owned by Ger
shn Yudl Milikowski being reconstructed with the help of the AJDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee). Owner Gershon Milikowski was born in Krewo c1887 He was a merchant and
married to Lea and had two children ( Roza, born c 1917 and Noach born
c 1912) Prior to WWII he lived in Krewo, Poland. During the war he was in Wilno, Poland. Gershon and his family were murdered in Wilno
I searched the yad vashem sire for the information.

From: Cindy Potter Taylor <knife-princess@at

This caught my eye as I was searching your web site
6. John Abramson born 1909 died 1992 in Portland, Maine married Ada Meltzer (sons; Irving Joel Abromson and Morton Colp Abromson)

I. Joel Abromson's wife is Linda.  We're VERY close.  Joel died c. 2002.

Whenever I search for the name Saretsky/Zaretsky.........you turn up!

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