Abramowicz Family
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Shimon in around 1973 in Tel Aviv.

I would be very grateful if you could add these photographs
to your website.  Perhaps someone somewhere will recognize
this family.
Shimon Abramowicz was my great-uncle by marriage.
Shimon's wife, Chana nee Weinstein, was my maternal
grandmother's sister.
Shimon immigrated to Palestine from Dereczyn in 1926.
He died in Tel Aviv in 1974. His wife Chana also died in 1974.
Their only daughter, Nurit, passed away two years ago
in Tel Aviv. She never married, and was childless.
Shimon had two brothers and four sisters. All of Shimon's
siblings, and his parents, perished. The family information as
provided by Shimon in testimonial documents to Yad Vashem
in 1956 is as follows

Shimon Abramowicz testimonial 1956
father: Eliahu Abramowicz
mother: Itke nee Chikhovski
brother: Menachem-Mendel + wife: Gania nee Yshpa + daughter Ester
sister: Lea + husband: Shmuel (family name unknown) + children: unknown names
sister: Frida + husband: Arieh Bekenstein + daughter: chizka
brother: Moshe    (unmarried)
sister: Bat-Sheva (unmarried)
sister: Rivka   (unmarried)

Shimon also wrote a chapter (on page 222) in the original
Hebrew/Yiddish yizkor book.

I have been trying to find out more about what precisely happened
to the Abramowicz family in Dereczyn; e.g. what was Lea's husband
Shmuel's family name, what were their children's names;
what were the professions of Shimon's siblings?
Is there anyone living today who knew or remembers this family?
and specficially, if possible, is there any information on how,
where, and when were they murdered (e.g. was this on the
"schita tag" 23 July 1942?)
Thanks very much,



The Abramowicz family taken, I believe,
  in Dereczyn in 1926, just prior to Shimon's
  departure for Palestine. This is a jpeg image
  of the original "postcard" photograph that appears
  in the yizkor book. Shimon is standing in the upper
  middle. To his left and right are his sisters
  Lea and Frida (I am not sure which is which).
  Shimon's mother (Itke) is seated below him,
  and Shimon's father (Elias) is seated to the right.
  To the left of Itke is Shimon's older brother Menachem-Mendl.
  Lower right is Shimon's brother Moshe.
  Next to Moshe must be Rivka (although she looks like a boy)
  at an age of about one year. And to her left is Batsheva.


The back side of this postcard photo with handwriting.


Shimon soon after his arrival in Tel Aviv. Note the original
  I have is torn (I do not know why). It looks like this was
  taken at the same time as the group photo you have on your
  website (#dere14) from the Yizkor book, but if you look
  carefully you will see that Shimon's arm is positioned
  differently, so this is not the same photograph.

Levitan, Abramovich, Gordon


My name is Azriel Abramovich. <aabramovich@gmail.com>
My wife's name is Ephrat Levitan  (not a big clan, is it?!)
My grandfather's name was Azriel Abramovich it's my grandad in photo 21 on Siualai page.. His wife? Mania (Marija) Gordon.
So you can see how there's an overlap. Coincidence? 

My side of the family is from Siualai, before the war, and Vilnius after. My wife's side is from Kaunas. Don't know if any of this makes sense to you...

I don't know if there's any relation, but... Who knows.

Happy to share any knowledge of history I have, though you seem to have done significantly more than me. Jews in the Siauliai ghetto, Lithuania, standing in a roll call assembly opposite uniformed Germans, beside the "Red Prison" before being taken for extermination. The Jews were taken to Kuziai, where they were killed. In the photo: Rabbi Nachumowski, Shapira, Rosenberg, and Abramowicz, an attorney. 



Shloimo Abramovitch was born in Zdunska Wola, Poland. He was a printer. Prior to WWII he lived in Zdunska Wola, Poland.

Shloimo was murdered in the Shoah.