The soldier of ...( the name of the combut unit is written by hand and very difficalt to read),  Solomon Alperovich, who was on vacation, because of his illness, is now released from the military duty completely. This takes place, according to the order of the chief  of Moscow region brigade from 01/28/1918. The order # 780 ( received #2790).

  March 25th of 1918.  Nizniy Novgorod.

( Nizniy Novgorod is the former and also current name of the city, which was named Gorky during Soviet period)

The approximate translation is

 December 4th 1918.

This document is given to Solomon Yitzhak Alperovich, and it proves that he  works  as militiaman at the 5th militia district and because of this he has to receive the food according to the second category.

                                                                                    Chief of the 5th militia district of Nizniy Novgorod .....




 From  Becker Mayer Isaac

 9  Shvernick st, #2, Kanavino Gorky

and from  Bernshtein Ilia Yiosef

21-a Nevzorova st.,  #37 Gorky







We claim, that we had worked with Mr. Alperovich Solomon Yitzhak in the Chemical department of Nizgubsovnarhoz from 1919 until the February 1922.

 At this time Mr. Alperovich was a director of the storage at the division of oils ( until February 1922). At the same time,

me Becker Mayer I saac was a supply agent at the Chemical department of Nizgubsovnarhoz  and me Bernshtein  Ilia  Yosef was  a vice director of the supply department of Nizgubsovnarhoz.


12/1/1948  Gorky .                                      Signatures.


Two people, who signed this document were his relatives from the Becker side of the family. "Nizgubsovnarhoz" is the name of the organization where he was working  at this time and  it is difficalt to tarnslate.


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