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#knep-5: Arie son of  Miryam nee Sklut and Binyamin Shevch
Arie was born 11-22- 1925 in Krasne on the river Usha.(now in Belrus then in Poland) He now (2003) lives with his children and grandchildren in Omer near Be'er Sheva.

#knep-6:Arie was born 11-22- 1925 in Krasne on the river Usha.(now in Belrus then in Poland) He now (2003) lives with his children and grandchildren in Omer near Be'er Sheva.
His sister; Dvora nee Kelman, Miryam first married Shmuel Kelman and had a daughter, Dvora born in 1915. When Miryam was still pregnant with Dvora her husband passed away under tragic circumstance. At a late night hour, robbers came to the house. They broke in and killed Shmuel Kelman. Dvora was a devout Zionist. She was a member of "HaChalutz" in Krasne and in the 1930s went to "HaChshara" Preparation for becoming Chalutz (pioneer ) in Eretz Israel. Young Jewish men and women would live together in communities in Eastern Europe and earn money by doing difficult manual labor in preparation for doing agricultural work in a Kibbutz in Israel. Dvora spent about eighteen months in the Hachshara and when she ended her training she went back to Krasne to await her certificate form the British to be able to immigrate to Israel, that was at the time under their control. The British gave very limited amounts of certificates, after a long wait Dvora decided to join "Bitar". "Bitar" was the most popular Zionist movement in Krasne in the 1930s. Unlike HaChalutz and hashomer Hatzair who had a Socialist Zionist core Bitar had no Socialist ideology and had a more "militaristic" dogma. Eventually Dvora as other members of "Bitar" used Aliah Stavski, which was illegal Aliah. Stavski was a businessman and a member of the Zionist Revisionist party that established a route of illegal immigration. They embarked on a Greek ship . The original boat they went on was sunk after a storm that pushed the boat near rocks by the Greek shore, but the second boat was able to make it. She married Esar Ein Habar and their sons are ; Yoram and Shmuel. Dvora lives in an old home now.
The parents; Miryam/ Maryasha nee Sklut (born 1895) and her second husband; Benjamin Shevach (born 1900) their son Mordechai (born 1930) perished in Krasne on March 17 1943.
Miryam/Mariyesha was the daughter of Shimon and Reize Rachel Sklut The family originated in Volozhin or Vishnevo (in both places they had many relatives). Shimon and Reize Rachel lived in Krasne. Shimon was a blacksmith who had a great talent for making gadgets and all his grandchildren enjoyed the great toys he made for them Other then Miryam they had;
Yakov Sklut was born in 1900, he was also a blacksmith. his wife was Sara Rivka, they had three children;
Cheyka was born in 1924
Asher in 1925
Mothel in 1927
All perished.
Sarka was married to Baruch Kagnovitz and had a son Motel and a daughter . They perished
Moshe Ytza had seven children. When they were still very young he died in his sleep. Six months later, his wife passed away. At that point of time there were no organized institutions to take care of Jewish orphans. To be an orphan most time was a "verdict" of desuetude. The grandfather; Shimon told his other children to divide the seven children amongst the three of them and raise them as their own. Hirshel and Asher Sklut grew in Arie's house,the son Motel was a teacher and he was a teacher of Arie and the Children of the Kaplan fmily. he and his wife perished as well as all the brothers (Hirshel, Asher, and ?).Motel who was a partisan was killed on the last day of the war! in that area. Hirshl was sent to the Volozhin yeshiva and would come home for the holidays. When he reached the age of service in the Polish army, everything was done to make him undesirable for service. The most common way was to be underweight for service. He took the usual route of barely eating and drinking strong tea. He would get up early in the morning and go by foot all the way to Molodetchno and back, a distance of about 32 km. And after a month he went to the draft board in hope that he would be found unfit and be discharged. Since the Polish authorities recognized that some young men purposely did such things, they gave him a postponement, and he had to do a similar routine to avoid service until he was finally, permanently discharged. They all perished.
Two of shimon Sklut daughters went to America long before the war.
An emil I received; Thank You!!!! That is the right family. I have connected current Skklut families from Main e to California--Toronto to South Africa and ALL have come from Volosyn and are connected. Mostly to Shimon Sklut. My late Mother in law was a niece to Shimon and her father Leib C(K)aplan married two Sklut sisters . Many of the families are now in Hadera in Israel and I met Dvora Einhaber several times whiie visiting in Hadera.
Where did YOU get the information? It is so exciting to know all that history and now to be able to perhaps add MORE people who are directly related.
THANK YOU AGAIN and keep on. Jewel Rosenthal Fishkin
#knep-7:Rochel nee Kunin Gordon of Krasne.
I am interested in the Gordon family from Krasne. My father and all the family always said they came from Vilna but his papers said Krasne. His father was Reb Oizer HaKohain. His mother .Rochel nee Kunin (can't find any Kunins). My father was Israel, changed to Lowell Israel or Irwin here. His brother was Samuel, later Sidney. Dad had uncles Isaac, Max, Joseph?, and at least 2 aunts-Anna Plotnick and Hanna Maalla Kunin. They all ended up in Stamford, CT.
#knep-8:Lowell (Israel) Gordon, Rutgers c 1928- 1930
#knep-9:Lowell (Israel) Gordon and Sidney (Saul) Gordon. natives of Krasne.
#knep-10:Naturalization papers of Lowell (Israel) Gordon, a native of krasne.