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People entering the US from Krasne

In July 1910 Biele Belinsky (you will find her in the Ellis Island
list.as Beilja Beliskaya from Krasnyi) entered the US with her 5
The family eventually became Bell,and are somehow related to my
paternal grandmother Tanya nee Feigin I do not yet know how.
My grandmother was in contact with the three Bell daughters (Sadie,
Dobe and Berta (Boyta)). I thought youi might want to add them to
your Ellis Island list.
My Great Uncle Yaakov Feigin and his wife and daughter were murdered
if Radoshkovitz.

Odeda Zlotnick,
Jerusalem, Israel.


Dear friends,
The year 2010 has been eventful and memorable year for me and my
family on past Chanukah the fifth candle that came out December fifth
2010 I turned 90. In August of the same year I took a trip accompanied
with my daughter and two grand children ages 23 & 20. We visited the
place of my birth Horodok. The the place of my mothers birth
wolozyn.We lived in Rakov temporarily before the town of Krasne from
were I escaped in 1942. Our base was the Capitol of Belarus Minsk we
also visited Vilna and Berlyn upon my return I described our trip in
the local jewish weekly the same year I was interviewed by The
Carnigie museum quarterly magazine. As part of a article describing
the immigration to western Pennsylvania after the war and what
memorabilia each immigrant brought from there own country. As
mentioned before I turned 90 on Chanukah but because of logistics and
time restraints the party was held on January 22, 2011. Over 200 guest
attended. The same day an interview with me appeared in the local
daily newspaper. My only regret is that my family in Israel could not
participate in this festive event. I hope to be in Israel from April
11 to May 11 with my sister MIna. To spend Passover with my family. I
fowarding you the links some of the links which i would like to share
with you.






From: Lara Diamond <laradiamond@.....com>

Hello! I've just traced my gggg grandparents, Yitzchok/Aizik/Itzko
(1799-1889) and Shayna-Basya (1804-1910) Halperin/Alpern/Galperin to
Krasne. Yitzchok's father was Yisrael/Srul. Anyone else who could be
related out there?

Sorry, no knowledge
Arie Shevach
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> Do you know of any Krasne group that is comparable to your Radoshkovich group?
> Robert Aaron Levine, MD
> Robert, My site for Krasne; http://www.eilatgordinlevitan.com/krasne/krasne.html
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From: Robert Levine <obbylevine@yahoo.com>

Do you know of any Krasne group that is comparable to your Radoshkovich group?

Robert Aaron Levine, MD
Robert, My site for Krasne; http://www.eilatgordinlevitan.com/krasne/krasne.html

Write to "arie shevach" <arisze@netvision.net.il>

From: Robert Levine <obbylevine@yahoo.com>

Do you know of any Krasne group that is comparable to your Radoshkovich group?

Robert Aaron Levine, MD

The following two YIVO links elaborate on Lynn Saul's helpful reply to
Judith Larsen, who is new to the list.  Lynn goes to the heart of the
matter in giving historical background:  "Suwalki Gubernia was a region
populated by Litvaks--"Lithuanian Jews." Lithuania as a country was not
recognized during most of the 18th and 19th centuries. Poland and Russia
controlled the area..."

The terms "Lithuania" and Litvak" may lead to befuddlement if considered
separately from the history that is essential to their definition with
respect to Jewish genealogy.


Take a look at this chronological set of maps in YIVO's digital history
of Jewish Life in Poland:   http://polishjews.yivoarchives.org/maps

You'll immediately see how many ways this question might be answered
on the period that you are researching.


YIVO's answer (caps mine): Yiddish term for a Jew of HISTORICAL, or
"GREATER," Lithuania. http://www.yivoencyclopedia.org/article.aspx/Litvak

All the material that follows is from this article, with spacing added for

The Litvaks' territory of origin is significantly larger than the borders
of both the independent Lithuanian Republic of the interwar period
(1918-1940)--which did not include the center of Litvak culture, Vilna
(Vilnius)--and the contemporary state of Lithuania.

From a Jewish historical and cultural perspective, Lite (Yiddish for
Lithuania; Heb., Lita) includes large swaths of

northeastern POLAND (notably the Bialystok and Suwalki regions);

northern and western BELARUS (notably the Grodno [Hrodna], Minsk, Slutsk,
Pinsk, Brisk [Brest Litovsk], Shklov, Mogilev [Mohilev], Gomel [Homel'],
and Vitebsk [Vitsyebsk] regions);

southern LATVIA (notably the Dvinsk [Daugavpils] region);

northeastern PRUSSIA (notably the region of the Baltic port city Memel

This expansive definition of Lithuania in Jewish historiography and
culture corresponds roughly to the large territory under the jurisdiction
of the Lithuanian Jewish Council (Va'ad Medinot Lita), which governed
Lithuanian Jewish communal affairs fro 1623 to 1764.

Sonia Kovitz
Visit our home page at http://www.litvaksig.org


My name is Mark and I’m a native of Krasnae, Belarus, formerly known as Krasne, or Krasne nad Usza. I stumbled upon your website while looking for info on a history of my hometown. And while reading through, I saw a few messages of descendants of those who were born in Krasne, or near villages. Somebody named Hanny, daughter of Yaacov Kaplan has the village name of her father hometown misspelled and therefore they cannot find it. I thougth that I could answer questions like that and maybe help with translation or location of a particular village around town of Krasnae. 

I currently live in Chicagoland area, moved to the states in 2002.

Anyway, if I can be of any help, I’d be happy to.

Let me know.

Mark K.