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1932 Contributors from Krasne to the Vaad HaYeshivot

The first is a scanned image of one of many Xeroxed documents that I got at the YIVO on 8/04/03 (a year ago).
It is from the YIVO's collection of records from the Vaad Hayeshivot in Vilna.
What prompted me to finally deal with these Vaad HaYeshivot documents (after sitting on them for over a year!) was the fact that last Friday, 8/06/04, I experimented with starting my own website http://mysite.verizon.net/jialpert.
There I posted my article on The Vaad HaYeshivot in Pre-War Vilna. See http://mysite.verizon.net/jialpert/Genealgy/VaadHaYeshivos.htm.

By the way, the YIVO has Vaad HaYeshivot "Contributor Records" from many shtetlach in the area, including many (perhaps all) of the shtetlach covered on your website (Ilya, Vileika, Kurenitz, Radoshkovitz, Molodetchno, et al).
Anyway, this first image is of a Vaad HaYeshivot document that lists the names of people who contributed money at two appeals (collections) made in Krasne in 1932, on Shabbat Parashat Yitro. The list on the left is for the appeal in the Beit HaMidrash HeChadash (Nayer Beis-Medrash). And the list on the right is for the Beit HaMidrash HaYashan (Alter Beis-Medrash).
I believe that the Nayer Beis-Medrash (left-hand list) was the Lubavitcher shul (which my parent's families attended), and the Alter Beis-Medrash (right-hand list) was the Misnagdisher shul. But I'm not sure. (Do YOU know, Eilat?)
Even though my own families (Alperowicz and Gelperyn) were Lubavitchers, I recognize some of their names in both lists. For example in the left (Lubavitcher?) list I see Mendl Alperowicz, Moishe Gelperyn, and Reuven Gelperyn. And in the right list I see Aizik Gelperyn, Yaakov b"r Yisroel Gelperyn, and Chayim Gelperyn (probably my great-grandfather on my mother's side).
At the bottom of both lists there appears the stamp of the local Rabbi of Krasne. His name was HoRav Chayim-Yitzchok Czarny, HaShem Yikom Damo (may G-d avenge his brutal murder at the hands of the Nazis, yimach sh'mam, in the Krasne labor camp!).
[Eilat, I may have once emailed you that many years ago I'd met Holocaust survivor Mot'l Faitelewicz at a shtibel located at 239 East Broadway, NYC. On 05/31/1985, Mot'l told me that before being sent by the Nazis to Dachau, he'd been interned in the Nazi labor camp in Krasne. At this labor camp, he'd met and spoken at length with Rabbi Czarny (Tcharny), the Rabbi of Krasne -- who later perished there in the Krasne camp.]
The second is a scanned image of a letter from the Vaad HaYeshivot to Reuven Gelperyn of Krasne.
-- Jason I Alpert