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Meir Karelitz
Meir Karelitz
Meir Karelitz
Meir Karelitz

Meir Karelitz

Rabbi Meir  (1875 - 1955) was a great rabbi of Llachovic', the heads
of yeshivas in Poland and in Israel, one  Karelitz the founders and a
member of the Independent Education Council of Torah Sages.'s Older
brother Hazon Ish.


Born to Rabbi Yosef Shmariyahu , Kosova town in the district of Grodno
(Belarus), Jewish Pale of Settlement of the Russian Empire (now in
Belarus). His mother Leah was the daughter of Rabbi Shaul
Katzenellenbogen head rabbil of Kosova, and then  of Kobrin. In his
youth he studied in Smorgon, along with a group of students from
Volozhin Yeshiva which closed at the time. The mid-90s of the 19th
century he married Miriam, daughter of Rabbi Shlomo Cohen, asenior
rabbi of Vilnius. For several years he lived in Vilnius and
established area. After the death of his father in law he was
appointed as Posek there. A few years later he was appointed rabbi of
the town of Llachovic' Brest district (now in Belarus). Was close to
Hafetz Haim and Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, helping them to develop
to the conference in Poland

Eve of World War II he came to Israel. Was a founder of the conference
to the Land of Israel, and laid the foundation of independent
education. Served as a member of the Council of Torah Sages of Agudath

Over a period served as rabbi of Agudat Israel Workers Party. In Atshi
(1951) resigned on the grounds that the party does not hear, "he says,
his advice and rulings." J.
After his death Beit Meir Yeshiva in Bnei Brahis was established,
named after him.
In law, Rabbi Zalman Rothberg


Son; Rabbi Shlomo Shimshon  Karelitz, Av beit din  Petah Tikva

His son, Rabbi Chaim Shaul  Karelitz Av beit din Sheerit Israel
Son Rabbi Yosef Shmariyahu Karelitz, founder Hazon Ish i Bnei Brak,
son in law of Rabbi Samuel Weintraub, head of Yeshivat Beit Yosef
Pinsk. Rabbi Eliezer son-alpha, rabbi of Haifa. In-law is Rabbi Reuben
Fine, who served as Yeshiva Torah and knowledge in the United States.

In-law, Rabbi Zalman Rothberg, a Rosh Yeshiva Beit Meir and member of
Council of Torah Sages of Degel HaTorah

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