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from Schulman, Jeremy S. <jeremy.schulman@capgemini.com>
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date Dec 14, 2007 8:57 AM
subject Boris Ulman-
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Hello my name is Jeremy Schulman and Boris Ulman was my wife's grandfather. He passed away last year but I was looking at your website http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Braslaw/Braslaw.html and was wondering if you could email a copy of page 143 to me? Please let me know. I would love to see what it says. I know he was a partisan. Thanks
from Eilat Gordin Levitan <eilat.gordinlevitan@gmail.com>
to "Schulman, Jeremy S." < jeremy.schulman@capgemini.com>,
date Dec 14, 2007 2:23 PM
subject Re: Boris Ulman-
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Sorry, it was sent too soon- I attached it ( in case you do not read Hebrew give me your phone number and I could translate on the spot...also go to; http://www.eilatgordinlevitan.com/braslav/braslav.html
The New York library put the original book online..or go directly to; http://yizkor.nypl.org/index.php?id=1927
I would like very much to post the translation (if you get it), and any other information and pictures.
from Schulman, Jeremy S. <jeremy.schulman@capgemini.com>
to Eilat Gordin Levitan < eilat.gordinlevitan@gmail.com >,
date Jan 3, 2008 7:41 AM
subject RE: Boris Ulman-
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There is nothing contained in this email.
I am just coming back from vacation. Can you please follow up?? Thanks

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Date: Dec 14, 2007 2:23 PM
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from Schulman, Jeremy S. <jeremy.schulman@capgemini.com>
to Eilat Gordin Levitan < eilat.gordinlevitan@gmail.com >,
date Jan 3, 2008 10:19 AM
subject RE: Boris Ulman-
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Is there anyway I can get a translated version of this? Thanks so much

from Schulman, Jeremy S. <jeremy.schulman@capgemini.com>
to Eilat Gordin Levitan < eilat.gordinlevitan@gmail.com>,
date Jan 3, 2008 11:27 AM
subject RE: Boris Ulman-
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Well I wanted his wife to have a copy of it...I think she would really cherish it.

I had my brother translate quite a bit and was hoping you could add or translate it correctly. Thanks so much I really appreciate it.

AtownJon: as witnessed by individuals from our city is brought the story of the murders of Zelig Ulman and the sons of his house by the Nazis
AtownJon: and that the witness who is telling the story is boris, who was saved bc by chance he wasnt home at the same time
AtownJon: ....when my family was murdered, the germans searched after and i was hidden with Leib Sherman
AtownJon: many people were afraid to give us a bunker, bc the police informed and identified, that anyone that (something, protect?) us would be taken out to be killed with his whole family
AtownJon: after some time i went out with Nehamka Sherman to see what was making noise outside

AtownJon: we saw wagons stuffed with (something) of young women, that the day before were sent to Slobodaka to clean the (something) of the army.
AtownJon: we also saw Moshe-Baruch being led by the police officer Kizlo
AtownJon: We returned to the (something, hiding spot?) The next day we heard the (something) of the Jew (?Medruyah? is this a city, from Druyah?) {Reibish?}
AtownJon: He (something) between the houses, and according to the orders of the Germans called out to people that were hiding to come out of their (something, hiding places?) so that they wont kill any more (people)
AtownJon: we went outside
AtownJon: I met with Leib Zeif with his two children, the friedman family and others.
AtownJon: police hurried us and ordered us to (something) and to sign on the building "Palkas Shul"
AtownJon: Nehamka and I ran away to the mortuary (house of tombs) and we hid (same word that troubled me before, pretty positive it is hide) there for some time
AtownJon: Afterwards we keft in the direction of Opessa
AtownJon: or Opsa
AtownJon: The (something, some type of people) were afraid to give us a shelter
AtownJon: but they gave a little food
AtownJon: and told us that in Opessa there were Jews
AtownJon: we were in Opessa some time, we moved to (?Voidz?) and from there, together with a Jew (?suvincian?) and other places, we congregated to Kronot and the train to us to, as we knew it, to Ponur
AtownJon: ***
AtownJon: We entered the Vilna ghetto
AtownJon: we started to organize and to (something) weapon
AtownJon: i took that to my (something) to write and to (something) his heroics and bravery of his heart of the children of our city Tevka Bialik, who like me ran from the train that led us to Ponur (page two) and arrived at the Vilna ghetto
AtownJon: together as we were standing around one day (maybe means plotting?) to steal a weapon to the ghetto and focus on the police
AtownJon: ***this next sentance is weird and confusing***
AtownJon: they (beat?) him with hard (blows? same word as last) (until he was unrecognizable to us???)
AtownJon: the jewish commander of the ghetto police, Genus, (made a miracle on his strong apperance) of Tebka
AtownJon: they (beat?) him to death
AtownJon: (something) and we didnt have money to (something) a weapon, we decided with the Fogel brothers to (something) in this requested product.
AtownJon: In one of our days we were needing to meet in a hidden place with a Jew and (something) to his hands a pistol
AtownJon: Deliver
AtownJon: the word was deliver
AtownJon: in the meeting Jewish police descended on us
AtownJon: I succeeded in escaping but the two brothers were caught and sent to jail

Jeremy Schulman/ Capgemini
North America P&C / East Business Unit
Recruiting Manager

From: Igor Schein <igorschein@gmail.
I am researching Zarasai district of Kaunus province and am interested
in obtaining information for my research from the
following documents covering town Braslav:
(from http://www.jewishgen.org/litvak/html/kaunas0.htm)
Breslauja (Braslav), Zarasai district (now Byelorussia) year 1889
Breslauja (Braslav), Zarasai district (now Byelorussia) year 1889
(from RTR Foundation)
Braslav/Vitebsk/Belarus Tax List/Tax Payers year 1894
As far as I can tell, being a newbie to LitvakSIG and having been
frantically sieving through LitvakSIG resources, they haven't been
translated. So my first question, is there an effort underway to have
them translated and made available for public? If not, is anyone
interested in joining me to start this effort?
Thanks a lot.
Igor Schein
Boston, MA
Researching Bank and Korb in Zarasai Uezd.

Picture of the Bank family from Braslav

How are you? This is Lisa (Listinger) Shaevitz. I am the granddaughter
of Perke Fisher and Zalman Charmatz was my great uncle. I am so happy
to have found that the book is on line. I see that there are only a
few pages that can be clicked on that we are able to read. Will the
rest of the pages be translated and made available on the web site as
well? I would love to be able to read what my grandmother and uncle
wrote. Please let me know when you have the chance.
Thank you!
actually have a book that the Breslov society put together about the
area that includes essays from the people that lived there including
my grandmother named Perle who was a Charmatz (Harmatz),my
grandfather's (Nachum) family who was a Fischer, and their close
friends the Marons'...most of it is in Hebrew but there are some
English pieces and lots of great photographs...my scanner is not
working at the present time, once it's fixed I will be more than
happy to scan some pics and text from the book and forward to you! Let
me know!
Best regards,
Lisa Listinger Shaevitz
Dear Lisa,
Would love to do the translation of your grandmothers' chapter- could
you help with it? it is very short, I attached 2 pages from it. ( It
is about her childhood in Zionist Braslav under Polish rule and the
time of the Soviet take over in 1939 until they were sent to Siberia)
If you do not speak Hebrew I could call you and translate it on the
spot and maybe you could type it? Your great uncles chapter is even
shorter and tells of the time from 1939 to after the war (just a tiny
part here; He was a soldier in the Polish army and became a pow of the
soviets in September of 1939. The family was saved because they were
sent to Siberia by the Soviets on April 14th, 1940. He was later a
soldier in the Soviet army and freed much of Lithuania)
Thank you so much for the quick response! I was born in New York and
although my parents spoke Hebrew to me as a child, unfortunately it's
not the greatest. I can understand, but I can't really read. But of
course my parents can translate it, since they are Israeli. I do know
the stories of my grandmother and my grandfather (Nachum Fisher-
which is not in the book (that's a love story too bad not in the
book-it saved him from the holocaust he chased my grandmother to
Siberia actually). But I would love to be able to read her words, and
it would be nice for it to be available on line for others to read,
who don't read Hebrew. I will try very soon (I have a 3 year old) and
I will sit down with my father or mother and I will have them
translate it and I will type it and e-mail it to you if you like.

My great-great-grandmother Liba PERGAMENT was born in Smorgon in 1850.
Sometimes after 1858 the family moved to Kobelyaki, Poltava Gubernia,
where she married my great-great-grandfather Nissan Novakovsky.  Both
Liba and her brother Louis (Yitzchak Leib) came to the US.  Louis
changed the name to GARMENT - Louis GARMENT, a former president
Nixon's advisor who recently passed away was his grandson.

5 years ago Judith Romney Wegner posted a message on
soc.genealogy.jewish saying that her husband's cousin and his wife are
researching PERGAMENT family from Smorgon.  I communicated with Judith
just now - she couldn't recall the context of that message or the
message itself.  So if there's anyone out there researching the same
family, I'd love to hear from you.


Igor Schein


BANK from Braslav
KORB from Salakas
PERGAMENT from Smorgon