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Pictures of Yankel Yashinovski from Cuba. The family in Israel lost touch with the family in Cuba ( not sure if they are still there)

Here are some information; The Yashinovski family was from Bransk, Poland.
Son Yankel left Poland c 1926 eventually settling in Cuba. By then his sister Gutka Tova Cimbal moved to Sweden with her family. The rest of the family perished in the holocaust in Bransk.
In 1950 Yankel was able to find (after much search) his sister Gutka and her family in Israel. He very soon arrived for a visit.
What we know; He was well off and was a colonel of the fire department in Cuba. He was married twice and had 3 daughters; two from his first wife and the third was from a local Cuban woman. During the visit in Israel ( c 1950) Yankel (dressed in uniforms) went to the Rehovot home of the first president of Israel; Chaim Weizmann, and gave him a Diploma of the fire fighters of Havana.
He kept in touch with the family in Israel for some years but then touch was lost. Could you post the pictures and details ? maybe someone would know the daughters....