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Bialystok, During and After the Holocaust




(“Studies of Contemporary Executions” Vladimirov)

The Bialystok pogroms occurred  June 1-3, 1906 (old-style calendar, modern dates were June 14-16, 1906).  You can read about the history of the Bialystok Pogrom at:


A LIST OF VICTIMS (of the Bialystok Pogrom)

1. Tsukerman Zimel Gershovich—23 yr., clerk, shot in chest on Alexander St. Jumped out of the window trying to save himself (June 1)

2. Pine (surname unknown)—17 yrs., tanner, shot & killed in the attic of the Poleshchuk plant

3. Bachrach Isaac Abramov—22 yr., shot 8 times and murdered in the attic of the Poleshchuk plant

4. Furman Shlema Meyerovich—20 yr., tanner, shot through the heart & killed in the attic of Poleshchuk plant

5. Gvirtsman Itskhok—35 yr., tanner, rifle bullet through the heart

6. Zemnick Yitzchak—25 yr., tanner, killed in the Pleschuka plant attic by a bullet through the chest & abdomen

7. Kustin Movsha—21 yr., tanner, killed in the Poleshchuk factory attic by a bullet in the chest, bayonet stabs in his side, & a butt to his head

8. Lapidus Aaron—18 yr., student commercial school, killed on Alexander St. from blows to head & face



9. Lapidus Max—22yr. killed on Alexander St. blows to head & face

10. Lapidus Blyum—19 yr. killed on Alexander St. from deep hammer wounds to head  (June 1)

11. Aynshteyn Leizer—45 yr. calligraphy teacher, shot & killed (bullet to the chest—June 2)

12. Aynshteyn Sheyna—40 yr. (Leizer’’s wife) Killed by the boyars

13. Aynshteyn Rahmiel—21 yr. (son of Leizer & Sheyna), killed by rifle wound of stomach

14. Aynshteyn Shmuel 18 yr.,  (son of Leizer & Sheyna)-- killed by boyars

15. Aynshteyn Sonya—18 yr., (daughter of Leizer & Sheyna), killed by boyars


16. Lervashovsky Itskhok—18 yr. , carpenter from Volkovyska [Belarus], skull crushed, teeth knocked out, jaw broken

17. Gutkin Berelevna—10 yr. gunshot wound, leg severed with an ax

18. Moiseyevich Yitzkhok—30 yr., mason, killed at train station (June 2)

19. Pruzhansky Shlema—42 yr., shoemaker, shot by boyars


20. Grodzinskaya Sora Izraelena—19 yr. killed in a bread shop on Institutska St. by blows to head (June 1)

21. Berenshteyn Abram Gershovich—47 yr., shopkeeper

22. Basen Markel—a tailor, killed on Argentina (June 3)

23. Khmelnitsky Falk Volfovich—28 yr., son of the head of Bialystok Jewish Hospital, beaten on Alexander St. on head & face (June 1)

24. Novik Yankel—34 yr., gunshot wound; throat slit

25. Levin Yankel—52 yr., shot & killed by boyars

26. Krendlyansky Mordkhe—60 yr., shot & killed at St. Nicholas Street (June 2)

27. Kvalovsky David Khonovich—15 yr., hatter/capper,  shot & killed on Bazaar St. (June 3, morning)

28. Segal Leyb—48 yr., worker, killed in the Aronson house on Alexander St. (June 1, morning)

29. Segal Chaya-Pesha (Leyb’s wife)—40 yr. also murdered there.

30. Zakgeym Sender Davidov—10 yr., shot & killed on Argentina (June 2, morning)

31. Nayfald Abram—65 yr., from Vengrova, Siedlce Prov., killed on Bazaar St. in the Luxembourg home by rifle bullet to the chest

32. Kats Abram—50 yr., kerosene trader, killed on Mykolaev St. ( June 2)

33. Ilevich Iosel—45 yr., compositor, killed on Peschanoy St. (June 3)

34. Novik Sholem Aron—28 yr., tanner from Krynsk, killed on Nicholas St. (June 2)

35. Shlyakhter Zlata—50 yr., died from hatchet wound to face (June 2)

36. Shlyakhter Khain—16 yr., (son of Zlata), died of bullet wound in stomach

37. Simkha (surname unknown)—24 yr., from Porozovo (killed June 2)

38. Sapir Itska—17 yr., baker, shot in the stomach in the Preysa home on St. Nicholas

39. Levin Mordkhe Leyzerov—38 yr., butcher, from Zabludovo, killed by a blow to head in the evening at the station, having arrived from Brest (June 2)

40. Sroel (surname unknown)—2 yr., strangled

41. Hanayki 2nd (??) (first & surname unknown—was he from the Hanayki Jewish district?)—4yr. old boy, shot in chest.

42. Ginzbkurg Blyuma—25 yr., shot in the chest & killed, Hanayki (June 2)

43. Kleynberg Rakhil Yakovlevna—50 yr. Lipovaya St., General Frizesa dist. (?), shot in the chest & killed (June 2, morning)

44. Itsko (unknown surname)—30 yr., barber, shot in the chest.

45. Tsalevich Shmuyel—60 yr.,  Shot

46. Berel Pat—20 yr., skull crushed (Alleynaya [??])

47. Kleyngold (female)—30 yrs., head wound (merchant, 1st guild?? Or is it a street name?: “Kupech.” 1st/(“?????. 1-??”)

48. Mendel (unknown surname)—35 yr., peddler, (Hanayki, Zagorodnaya) (June 2)

49. Sshitsky Shlema –30 yr., paramedic at  Bialystok Jewish Hospital, killed on Alexander St. Head & face wounds.

50. Freydkin Khaim Leyb—51 yr.,  head wound, Alexander St.

51. Isaak (unknown surname)—35 yr., from Sokolok (Sokoluk??), deep knife wound to chest, on his way to Choroszcz the third night.

52. Schvarts Abram—24 yr.,  chest wound

53. Pande Zorakh—17 yr., tanner, Killed in Gepner sawmill by bullet to chest


54. Tviruky Leyba—35 yr., bullet wound in abdomen, on Yevreyskaya/Jewish St.

55. Suravich Yakov—bullet wound to chest

56. Unknown—cobbler, lived on Shkolnoy/School St. Shot in the head

57. Unidentified man—25 yr., Chest wound

58. Unidentified woman—35 yr., Chest wound

59. Unidentified man—40 yr., shot through the neck

60. Unidentified man—22 yr. shot in the abdomen

61. Unidentified man—30 yr. crushed skull

62. Unknown—60 yr. shot in the chest

63. Mazur Leyb—killed at the Poleshchuk plant

64. Ravitsky Itsko

65. Medel (unknown surname), match peddler, shot & killed on Kupech St. (June 1)

66. Pat (woman)

67. Vayntsiyer/Vayntsier Meyer—40 yr., shot (June1)

68. Bel Markus

69. Shapiro Khaim

70. Zalmen (unknown surname)—carpenter

71. Loshak Khaim

72. Tvorkovsky Iozl—28 yr., Shot in abdomen on Nikolaev St. Gepner home (sawmill) (June 3)

73. Shmukler Mordkhe—17 yr. shot in abdomen, back & side on Nikolaev St, home of Gepner (sawmill) (June2)

74. Nevyazhsky Berel

75. Nevidovsky Abram Itskhok

76. Bryansky Meyshe-Simkhe…Tauba Kats—a pile of charred human bones—died in a fire on Nikolaev St. Gepner home (sawmill) (June 3)

77. Makhay Abram—24 yr., Shot & died of wounds